World Mental Health Day 2017


Peninsula Hot Springs is supporting our charity partner Mental Health Australia for World Mental Health Day on Tuesday 10th October 2017.

World Mental Health Day is an initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health to raise public awareness of mental health issues on a global level.

Mental Health Australia’s campaign entitled ‘Do you see what I see?’ challenges the perceptions on mental illness and aims to reduce stigma surrounding mental health and the associated discriminations. ‘Do you see what I see?’ is dedicated to shedding new light on the mental health conversation in Australia and calls the nation to make a #MentalHealthPromise following a positive 2016 campaign. Last year the Governor General, Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and thousands of Australians made a #MentalHealthPromise to look at mental health through a different light, in positive bright colour, not black and white.

Our CEO and co-founder Charles Davidson has created his #MentalHealthPromise and encourages our Peninsula Hot Springs community to do the same. 

Join the fight against an issue that affects one in five Australians as we can all do our part to help reduce stigma around mental illness and make way for more people to seek the help and support they may require.

Make your #MentalHealthPromise

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