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Delicious Magazine

Peninsula Hot Springs has been featured as one of his favourite weekend escapes when Adam D’Sylva, head chef at Melbourne’s Coda and Tonka restaurants, takes Delicious Magazine on a tour of his second home - Mornington Peninsula. Read the full article


Mornington Peninsula Magazine

Peninsula Hot Springs is proud to introduce the new spa product range from Synthesis Organics. To discover more about this exciting partnership, read the full article.

MOVE Magazine

Peninsula Hot Springs' General Manager Brook Ramage speaks to MOVE Magazine on his experience of using hot springs bathing to assist in his treatment of chronic back pain. Read the full article.

Wellbeing Magazine
June 2017                                   

Wellbeing Magazine interviews CEO and co-founder Charles Davidson on the bathing culture, Australia's thermal history and the history and future of Peninsula Hot Springs. Read the full article.

Melbourne Girl
June 2017                                   

Melbourne Girl visits Mornington Peninsula and creates the ultimate travel guide. Featuring accommodation, eats and drinks, and both adventure and relaxing activities there is always something to do on the Peninsula. Read the full article.


Pearls of style 
June 2017                                   

Follow Krissie around the Mornington Peninsula in a brand new mini cooper as she explores the best destinations and spots to visit in Red Hill. Krissie describes Peninsula Hot Springs as "This sprawling oasis of thermal rock pools, plunge pools, massage showers and hidden caves is quite the experience". Read the full article.

The big bus  
May 2017                                   

Travel, culture and food reporter Ruby Boukabou talks about her experience at Peninsula Hot Springs and informs readers on what the business has to offer both physically and mentally.  Read the full article.

Today online
April 2017                                   

In April Peninsula Hot Springs was featured in an article focussing on ecotourism in Australia. The article lists seven places to visit that are easily accessible to Singaporean tourists. Read the full article.

Vanilla Magazine 

April 2017                                   

The Vanilla Magazine feature article consisted of a two-page spread about our Clay Ridge experience. The article talks about the history and traditions of using clay on the body and the impressive health benefits that the body gains from experimenting with our colourful Australian earth clays. Read the full article.


The lifestyle enthusiast  
March 2017                                   

London-based travel and food blogger talks about the best things to do in Melbourne when the weather is bad. Follow her blog and discover her experience and her thoughts about Peninsula Hot Springs. Read the full article.


Women's Day   
March 2017                                   

Women's day features Peninsula Hot Springs in great detail over a two-page spread. Wendy from Women's Day talks about the facilities and how delicious the cafe food was as well as her experince enjoying the Moroccan Cocoon treatment. Wendy states her "skin feels softer than ever"
Read the full article.

The Age Newspaper 
March 2017                                   

The Age newspaper published an article about Peninsula Hot Springs founder Charles Davidson. In the article, they talk about the founder's ideas and where it all started as well as the numbers to success. Good insight into the plans and ideas behind the entrepreneur that brought the tourism on the Mornington peninsula to new heights. Read the full article.

Southern Peninsula News 
February 2017                                   

The feature article talks about the partnership between Mentis Assist and Peninsula Hot Springs and how we partner to raise awareness and help with people suffering from mental illness. Read the full article.

Virgin Australia Voyeur magazine  
January 2017                                   

In January Peninsula Hot Springs was featured in the well know travel magazine, Virgin Australia Voyeur. Featured in the Spa and beauty directory the article mentions our 20 globally inspired bathing experiences.
Read the full article.


Chief Active 
January 2017                                   

Cheif active have created a getaway guide for the Mornington Peninsula featuring Peninsula Hot Springs. The publication is your ultimate travel planner to organize a weekend away or a day trip. It includes great places to stay, where to eat, where to drink and don't miss attractions. The article states Peninsula Hot Springs as the most iconic wellness destination.  Read the full article.

Go places with Toyota 
December 2016                                   

Go places with Toyota magazine featured Peninsula Hot Springs as the place to relax on the Mornington Peninsula. The article also mentions the hidden gems and must visit locations located in the surrounding areas. Read the full article.

European Spa Magazine 
December 2016                                   European Spa Magazine 2016

In December Peninsula Hot Springs was featured in the European Spa Magazine, wellness trends and developments section. The article introduces our new wellness ambassador Steph Prem and her 
alliance with living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle between thermal bathing and fitness. Follow the link to find more about Steph Prem's background. Read the full article.

 Oggi Magazine 
November 2016                                   

In November Peninsula Hot Springs was featured in Oggi Magazine, the article features activities to do in Melbourne. Read the full article.

Jetstar Magazine
October 2016

In October Peninsula Hot Springs was featured in a spa and wellness article in the Jetstar magazine. The article explains how to use a Hamam, the correct process you should follow ehern you are using a Hamam and lists a variety of spas around Australia where you can enjoy this traditional experience. Read the full article.


The World's 50 Best Restaurants

August 2016

The Mornington Peninsula was listed at number two on the list of 'Five Must-Visit Places to Eat and Drink on a Road Trip Through Victoria.' The list was a compilation of various Victorian regions. Peninsula Hot Springs was featured as a key attraction when visiting the Mornington Peninsula. Read the full article.

Dear Julius blog 

August 2016

The blog post titled '11 Natural Spa Baths of Uncommon Beauty' highlighted the best naturasoaks in Australia. Peninsula Hot Springs came in at number one, followed by some of Australia's other hot springs. The blog post featured Peninsula Hot Springs' iconic hilltop pool as the stand out. 

Broadsheet Melbourne

August 2016

This article on the Broadsheet Melbourne website featured a variety of bathing options in Melbourne. The article was called 'A guide to winter bathing in Melbourne, where to disrobe and defrost in style'. The article featured the private bathing pavilions in the Spa Dreaming Centre at Peninsula Hot Springs. Read the full article

Higher View
July 2016

Edition number sixteen of China's Higher View magazine featured Peninsula Hot Springs in an article about the great outdoors of the Mornington Peninsula. The article highlighted a brief history of Peninsula Hot Springs as welll as listing the many aspects of Peninsula Hot Springs such as the reflexology walk and Turkish hammam. Read full article.

Mornington Peninsula Magazine

July 2016

This month's edition of the magazine listed Peninsula Hot Springs as the number one destination for winter family fun, according to Jade - Mum With Wings. The July edition also featured Peninsula Hot Springs' wellness ambassador Steph Prem who utilises the Hot Springs' experience as a part of training and rehab schedule. Peninsula Hot Springs' celebration of NAIDOC Week was also featured. Read full article.

Destinations Victoria

July 2016

Desitinations Victoria magazine featured Peninisula Hot Springs as the place to relax on the Mornington Peninsula. Edition two of 2016 highlighted the must-do attractions and places to eat and drink on the Mornington Peninsula in order to enjoy a relaxing weekend away. Read full article.


The Weekly Review 'Escapades at home'

July 2016

The team at The Weekly Review highlight several winter-inspired activities around Melbourne that prove that you don't need to leave home to get that holiday feeling. Peninsula Hot Springs is featured along with Onsen Ma, Wellineux, Crown Metropol, Brighton Baths and St Kilda Sea Baths, Jess Huon's Retreat and the Winter Wonderland at Hilton South Wharf. Read the full article.

K is for Kani blog

April 2016

In April Peninsula Hot Springs was a part of an 'instameet' which was held on the Mornington Peninsula which saw 6 key influencers experience a variety of activities on the Peninsula across the weekend. They enjoyed dinner at The Milbri, a nights accommodation in a Happy Glamper tent, bathing and breakfast at Peninsula Hot Springs, lunch at Lindenderry, shopping in Sorrento Village, a Bongo Transit tour, dinner at All Smiles in Sorrento and a luxurious nights rest at Lindenderry. They were driven around all day by MP Experience. Read more about the experience on K is for Kani's blog post about the weekend. Read the full article.

Leader Newspaper

April 2016

In April Peninsula Hot Springs announced their partnership with Mental Health Australia which was covered in the Leader Newspaper. The article discusses the relationship between the two organisations and the direction the partnership is planning on heading. Read the full article.

Travelettes blog

April 2016

Peninsula Hot Springs was visted by one of the contributers to the Travelettes blog earlier this year. The article provides a detailed description of both the Bath House and the Spa Dreaming Centre bathing areas. Read the full article.

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia

March 2016

In March Peninsula Hot Springs featured in an episode of the Farmer Wants a Wife Australia where Farmer Adam took Taryn on a 24 hour date to the Mornington Peninsula. The pair visited Peninsula Hot Sprngs, and enjoyed a private outdoor bath before heading to Polperro to enjoy a private dinner and stay in their luxury villas. 

Nihonjin Tsuma (Japan)

January 2016

In January Peninsula Hot Springs Co-founders wife Yuki Davidson was featured on a national television program. The program is called ‘Nihonjin Tsuma’ and is about the lives of Japanese expat women married to foreign men. The program provides insights into Yuki’s life in Australia and the many trials and tribulations involved in having four children and supporting the difficult birth of Peninsula Hot Springs. Watch the entire episode here

Herald Sun

December 2015

On the 10th of December, the Herald Sun featured an article on an event that the Peninsula Hot Springs hosted in collaboration with Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria. The article, titled 'Hot springs take the plunge to help arthritis group' highlighted the benefits of mineral bathing for sufferers of arthritis.


This Magnificent Life Blog

December 2015

This month, blogger Liz Bond featured Peninsula Hot Springs in a beautiful piece, which not only outlines the features of our tranquil space, but gives an interesting insight into just how our founder Charles Davidson turned his vision for mineral springs on the Mornington Peninsula into a reality. Read the 98.7 RPP FM Interview

98.7 RPP FM  

October 2015

During October, RPP FM hosted a segment called 'Taking Care of Business', which highlighted the importance of health, wellness and mindfulness. Our General Manager, Brook Ramage, discussed how Peninsula Hot Springs are actively engaging in health and wellness for the benefit of our guests. Listen to the full clip.

Coast and Country Magazine (UK)

November 2015

This month Peninsula Hot Springs was feautred in the Coast and Country magazines article on the Mornington Peninsula. The article describes the view from hilltop pool in the Bath House and the variety of experiences on offer at Peninsula Hot Springs. the article also showcases a variety of restaurants, wineries and other coastal gems. Read full article.

Melbourne Weekender

November 2015

Recently, we were visited by Cameron Ling and the Melbourne Weekender crew. The team visited the Peninsula Hot Springs and filmed some footage of our bathing experiences and tranquil surrounds for an episode of the Melbourne Weekender. You can watch the episode here.

Vanilla Magazine

November 2015

In the Spring issue of Vanilla Magazine, our very own Spa Development Co-ordinator Amy Gourlay provides expert advice on how to achieve the ultimate body exfoliation at home. For those who would prefer to be exfoliated and pampered by one of our nurturing Spa Therapists, Amy has suggested a number of popular Peninsula Hot Springs spa treatments for you. Read the full article

Australia & New Zealand Magazine

November 2015

This month Peninsula Hot Springs was featured as a part of a cover story on the Mornington Peninsula in the November edition of Australia & New Zealand magazine. The article provides insight into how the idea for Peninsula Hot Springs was created and describes the two bathing areas. Read the full article.

98.7 RPP FM Interview

October 2015

Earlier this month Peninsula Hot Springs' Brook Ramage, General Manager, joined Debra Mar at the Breakfast Table on 98.7 RPP FM. Together the two discussed Brook's history, his new position here at Peninsula Hot Springs as well as the 10 year anniversay, while also commenting on some of the amazing experiences available at the Hot Springs. Listen to the full clip.

Traveler Luxe Magazine

October 2015

Peninsula Hot Springs has been featured in the October edition of Traveler Luxe magazine, the article showcases the variety of options available at Peninsula Hot Springs. Including detailed information about both bathing areas, treatments and dining options. Read the full article.

Tiger Tales Magazine

September 2015

In the current issue of Tiger Tales Magazine, Sally Hunwick writes about Peninsula Hot Springs and highlights the amazing features this location has to offer. While running through our many services Hunwick also accentuates how relaxing the Hot Springs is and how it is the perfect place to unwind with friends or family. Read the full article.

Just Go

September 2015

In episode six of the new Channel Ten travel show, Just Go, featured Peninsula Hot Springs as one of the Mornington Peninsula’s most relaxing place to visit. Showing the audience everything Peninsula Hot Springs has to offer; from our bathing areas, to our spa dreaming centre and even a look at the Reflexology Walk. Watch full video below.


Tabi Isara

August 2015

At the start of August Tabi Isara, a Japanese blog, whose names translates to Travel Freedom, wrote a piece on visiting the Peninsula Hot Springs. The blog describes how relaxing your time at the hot springs can be and illuminates all that Peninsula Hot Springs has to offer. Read the full article.

Couturing Blog

July 2015

In one of Couturing’s July blogs Peninsula Hot Springs was listed as one of the top three things to do while visiting the Mornington Peninsula. The blog wrote about the uniquely decorated Aquabelle Apartments; one of our accommodation partners, and how Peninsula Hot Springs is the perfect place to rejuvenate while enjoying your staying at the apartments. Read the blog article

Australian Golf Digest

September 2015

In the September edition of Australian Golf Digest Peninsula Hot Springs was featured as a star destination when visiting the Mornington Peninsula. The article was about our 10th anniversary celebration and discussed the bathing areas available at Peninsula Hot Springs and provided tips to readers about when the best time to visit is. Read the full article.

Herald Sun Sunday Style

June 2015

In June Peninsula Hot Springs was featured in the Herald Sun Sunday Style in their article about escaping to relax in various locations around Australia. The article recommended Peninsula Hot Springs for a couples getaway to enjoy bathing in the naturally warm mineral water, followed by enjoying a massage in our spa centre. Read the full article.

Spa + Clinic

July 2015

This month Peninsula Hot Springs was featured in the Spa + Clinic magazine in an article that reflects on the celebration of Peninsula Hot Springs tenth anniversary. The article presents a snapshot of the creation of Peninsula Hot Springs and comments on the journey which has lead us to being an exceptional leader in the Australasian Spa and wellness industry. Read the full article.

American Spa

June 2015

This month Peninsula Hot Springs was featured in the American Spa magazine in an article about using bee-related ingredients in spa treatments. The article refered to our new Peninsula Senses treatment range, in which we use local honey in our massage and private bathing experiences. Read the full article.

Wai Wai Magazine

June 2015

This month Peninsula Hot Springs was freatured in Wai Wai Magazine in an article about Australia's top Winter activities. The article talks about the variety of bathing experiences at Peninsula Hot Springs. Read the full article.


Professional Spa and Wellness

March 2015

This month the new 'Peninsula Senses' range offered by Peninsula Hot Springs was featured in an article that appeared on The article talks about the new locally inspired treatments and bathing experiences which were launched in late February 2015 as a part of the new 'Peninsula Senses' range. The article dicusses the local inspiration behind the many of the unique treatments including the health benefits of each. Read the full article.

Bride Magazine

March 2015

Peninsula Hot Springs this month was featured in Bride, an Australian weddings and style magazine. The pre-wedding getaways piece lists a range of relaxing activities from around the nation, specifically for couples looking to escape the stress of pre-wedding preperation. The article features our blissful Spa Dreaming Centre and it's perfect fit for stress relief. The piece also talks about the Bath House and it's ideal fit for pre-wedding hen's celebrations. Read the full article.


Vintage Luxe Magazine

February 2015

During February, Peninsula Hot Springs was featured in 'Vintage Luze Magazine' a Taiwanese luxury magazine that is distributed throughout, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Peninsula Hot Springs was featured ina  full pafe spread disucssing the health benefits of bathing in mineral water. Read the full article.

Young Blood Travel

January 2015

During January, Peninsula Hot Springs were featured on Tully Smyth's blog Young Blood Travel. Tully is a travel blogger, TV personaility and social media butterfly that seeks unique travel and lifestyle adventures. The article talks about the rich history of the Peninsula Hot Springs, the naturally heated spring water drawn deep from underground and the unique experiences that the property has to offer. Read Young Blood Travel's blog post read full blog article.

Vintage Luxe Magazine
January 2015

During this month Peninsula Hot Springs was featured in 'Vintage Luxe' a Taiwanese luxury magazine that is distrubtued throughout, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Peninsula Hot Springs was featured with a full page spread in the 'Health Major Report' section of the popular magazine. Read the full article.

Mornington Peninsula Gardens & Lifestyle

December 2014

This month Peninsula Hot Springs were featured in the Summer edition of Mornington Peninsula Gardens & Lifestyle magazine. The article was a feature on local Sam Frost after her exeperience on the TV show The Bachelor, Sam visited Peninsula Hot Springs during her time on the show and visited us again for her shoot with Mornington Peninsula Garden & Lifestyle magazine. Read the full article.


Today Show - Channel 9

November 2014

Peninsula Hot Springs featured on the Today Show on Monday the 24th of November 2014. The segment included just some of the experiences offered on the exciting route of the Peninsula Explorer bus, such as Gunnamatta Trail Rides, Cups Estate and Enchanted Adventure Gardens

Serie Limitee

November 2014

This month Peninsula Hot Springs appeard in Les Echos 'Serie Limitee', a French magazine dedicated to lifestyle themes such as wine, gastronomy, arts, sports and fashion.The article descirbed the mineral-rich and natural Australian enviroment in which the hot spring pools are delightfully arranged. View the full article.


Villas & Golfe
November 2014

This month Peninsula Hot Springs were featured in the Europe Edition of Villas & Golfe in their Health & Wellness section. The article descirbed the tranquil setting at Peninsula Hot Springs, the treatment and bathing experiences available as well as the benefits of hot spring bathing. View the full article.



Diamond Valley Leader Newspaper

November 2014

Peninsula Hot Springs were featured in an article in the Diamond Valley Leader newspaper, thanks to Mecure and Tourism Victoria. The article was showcasing attractions on the Mornington Peninsula and the Bellarine Peninsula. Read the full article.


Australian Traveller Magazine

October 2014

This month Peninsula Hot Springs features in the Australian Traveller Magazine where they feature 'The Best (natural) bath on Earth'. The article also features 10 other soaks around Australia, from mineral springs to mud baths. View the full article.

The Art of Healing Magazine

September 2014

If you subscribe to the Art of Healing Magaine before 30 November 2014, you will automatically go in the draw to win an Appetite Package for Two, PLUS Bath House Bathing from Peninsula Hot Springs.
Fore more information please visit their website


Sports Inc TV

September 2014

Sports Inc travels the globe visiting some of the world’s best golf courses. In September, Australian PGA Champion Daniel Popovic showed New Zealand Cricket and Rugby great Jeff Wilson around the best courses Victoria has to offer, starting at Moonah Links. The duo then enjoyed a visit to Peninsula Hot Springs relaxing in the Hilltop Pool with the view looking over the Moonah Links course. The pair could view the course they just played on from a completely unique perspective.

Versatille Magazine

June 2014

This month, Peninsula Hot Springs features in Brazilian fashion and lifestyle magazine, Versatille. The article discusses the World Luxurey Spa Awards and the winners from around the globe. View full article here.

Herald Sun

June 2014

The Herald Sun has suggests that Peninsula Hot Springs as being a perfect opportunity to enjoy the Mornington Peninsula. With the srpings creating an experience that is not only healthy but social and relaxing. View the full article.

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