bathing in victoria

Victoria is growing as an internationally-recognised spring spa destination with both mineral spring spa and geothermal hot spring bathing experiences across the state. Discover Victoria’s vibrant mineral and hot springs locations for yourself.


geothermal hot springs

A true ‘Hot Spring’ is considered to be a spring of geothermal water that has been heated naturally and emerged from the earth’s crust, like the water we have at Peninsula Hot Springs.

Hot Springs in Victoria include:
  • Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington Peninsula
    Geothermal mineral springs bathing, spa services and dining
  • Deep Water Spa & Baths, Warrnambool
    Geothermal mineral springs bathing, dining, spa services, dining and accommodation

mineral spring spas

Hepburn Springs and Japanese Mountain Retreat are both ‘Mineral Springs’, meaning that the water containing various natural minerals and is artificially heated.


Mineral Springs in Victoria include:

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