seniors week Monday 6th October – Friday 10th October

We are offering a range of complimentary* health and wellness activities each morning of Seniors Week. Bring your friends, parents or grandparents along to join in the activities.

Warm water exercise 6, 7 & 8 October, 8:30am
Our warm water exercise class involves gentle exercises for the whole body. When you exercise in water, you reduce the weight on joints and the resistance of the water makes your muscles work. Classes will be held in the Bath House bathing area.

Hamam (steam room) introduction 9 October, 8:30am
Built into the side of a hill at the base of the Bathing Gully, the dome-shaped Hamam helps to rid the body of toxins and open pores in readiness for traditional cleansing using steam and heat. Join our spa therapist in an introduction to the Hamam’s cleansing warmth. This is perfect for the fun loving, culturally adventurous, health and wellbeing seeker.

Qi Gong 10 October, 8:30am
Qi Gong (pronounced: ‘Chi Goong’) practice involves rhythmic breathing, coordinated with slow, stylised
repetition of fluid movement, and a calm, mindful state. The purpose of practising Qi Gong is to improve the
health of the mind, body, and soul and can be practised year round outside in the picnic area of Peninsula Hot
Springs. Follow Qi Gong with a leisurely bathe in the thermal waters for a complete wellness experience.

* All activities are complimentary upon paying Bath House entry. Bath House bookings required.

To book Bath House bathing click here or please call 03 5950 8777 for more information.

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