Supporting MOVE during National Pain Week

25th – 31st July 2016

“Pain can be debilitating and can profoundly affect quality of life,” said Linda Martin, CEO of national charity MOVE muscle, bone & joint health. “To move away from pain, people need emotional support and encouragement to keep active,” she said.

The co-founder and CEO of Peninsula Hot Springs Charles Davidson said: “We know that many of our regular clients live with (and suffer from) arthritis. They visit because of the benefit and relief they experience from bathing in thermal mineral waters.”

Peninsula Hot Springs and MOVE are joining forces during National Pain Week to acknowledge the millions of Australians who live with pain daily. Both organisations are passionate about health and wellness and promoting the benefits of self-management tools and techniques for people with muscle, bone and joint conditions.


During National Pain Week Peninsula Hot Springs are asking their clients to join the movement and support the work of MOVE by making a gold coin donation.

With one in three Victorian’s today being affected by a muscle, bone or joint condition which is growing at a rapid rate and expected to increase by 43% by 2032, it is no wonder that more and more suffers are turning to preventative and alternative methods to alleviate the pain experienced by arthritic conditions.

Hot springs soaking is a common prescription given by many licensed doctors throughout Japan and Europe for a wide range of conditions including arthritis.

The mineral content of hot springs water around the world is different and therefore the benefits may vary. Peninsula Hot Springs is considered a true mineral spring based on the assessment conducted by the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences in New Zealand. The minerals found in the water include sodium chloride beneficial for rheumatic conditions, arthritis, central nervous system conditions, posttraumatic and postoperative disorders, as well as orthopedic and gynecological disease. Peninsula Hot Springs water is also rich in sodium and natural salts assist with the alleviation of arthritic symptoms, and may stimulate the body’s lymphatic system when used in baths.

Peninsula Hot Springs sees a number of arthritis suffers who bathe almost every week. Some arthritis suffers discussed how bathing has helped with their conditions. Martisa has been bathing at Peninsula Hot Springs for around three years; however it has only been in the last three months that her arthritis has impeded her ability to move her fingers. Since the pain in her fingers has become worse, she explained that the hot spring bathing has really helped, Martisa said “It has made such a difference, so much so that I am now coming twice a week”.


Janet is also another regular bather who said that “the mineral bathing helps the remove the swelling from my joints”. Janet suffers both rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis and often visits once a week. Janet recently started participating in Peninsula Hot Springs new warm water exercise classes and said “it is perfect for all ages, it is so cheerful doing it with others and I have found that it really builds my core strength”.

To discuss pain management strategies, call the free MOVE Help Line on 1800 263 265 or visit

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