Turkish steam bath (Hamam)

The Hamam, also known as our Turkish steam bath, offers the warmth, atmosphere and cultural experience of the traditional Turkish experience with some specialised local touches.

Built into the side of a hill at the base of the bathing gully, the dome-shaped Hamam helps to rid the body of toxins and open pores in readiness for traditional cleansing using steam and heat. Surrounding the Hamam are a variety of bathing experiences that can help warm the body in preparation for this cleansing ritual including a sauna, hot thermal mineral springs pools, a steamy cave pool and massaging thermal showers.

The Hamam is booked for small groups at 10am and 4pm daily for a one hour 'Hamam experience'. At all other times, the Hamam follows tradition in that it is a shared space where the cleansing happens in the room where others may be receiving the same experience. It is very much a 'social spa-ing' experience.

Watch this 60 second Hamam instructional video.


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