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In March 2023, Peninsula Hot Springs held Awaken - Australia's first hot springs wellness gathering.

In 2024, we were delighted to invite our community back to join us in a celebration of wellness, arts, movement and sound.

Peninsula Hot Springs came alive as wellness experts Shiva Rea, Ana Forest & Jose Calarco, Gary Gorrow and William Wong - among others - joined forces with musical acts Christine Anu, Kyle Lionhart and Nicky Bomba to create an experience that empowered, inspired and transformed all those in attendance.

As we begin to plan next year's event, make sure to sign up and recieve music and events news so we can ensure you're the first to know.

the vision of awaken

Awaken is a passion project for Bharat Mitra, Co-Owner and Chief Mentor of Culture and Wellness at Peninsula Hot Springs. We sit down with Bharat to more deeply understand the vision and inspiration behind Awaken.

our awaken 2023 event

Experience Awaken as if you were there with our event wrap up. Learn of what took place on the day and how the vision of Bharat Mitra came to fruition.

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Peninsula Hot Springs is dedicated to bringing the community an exciting calendar of year-round events that facilitate wellness, inspire engagement and foster greater connection between us.

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