5 reasons to gift an experience this Christmas

Every Christmas we hope to give our loved ones the perfect gift, it can be challenging to find something that you hope is going to bring them joy for many months or years to come. Have you considered giving an experience as a gift, but needed some reassurance that the receiver is going to appreciate it?

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Here are our top 5 reasons to gift an experience this Christmas.

  1. We don’t need more material possessions
    It is often said that giving the gift of an experience can provide lasting happiness whereas material possessions may only bring happiness in the moment. Experiences are much more intrinsically fulfilling than things.
  2. Choose a more sustainable option
    Gifting an experience is also a much more sustainable option over purchasing a material item. So this festive season, spend less time in the shopping centre mayhem and more time relaxing and enjoying time with your family and friends by taking the stress out of buying things and opt for the gift of an experience which can be purchased online.
  3. The festive season can be a stressful time of year
    We often forget to take care of ourselves. Giving your loved one a wellness experience like a thermal mineral bathing or a spa treatment means that they will get to spend some time rejuvenating and will be left grateful for some time for themselves.
  4. Give something different this year
    Often we can fall into the trap of purchasing the same gifts each year… candles, socks, perfume or another hamper. Why not stand out with something unique this year, by gifting an experience your loved one can enjoy at the perfect time.
  5. You might get to enjoy the experience too
    An experience gift can be something the receiver can do alone, or something you can do together to create a special memory. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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