5 reasons to gift an experience

After this unique year, we wholeheartedly believe that there has been no better time to gift an experience to your loved ones this holiday season. This year reconfirmed the importance of connection and our gift certificates will offer your loved ones an opportunity to get out of the house and reconnect with themselves, their loved ones and the natural environment around them.

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Here are our top 5 reasons to gift your loved ones an experience this holiday season

  1. Reconnect with nature
    After being couped up indoors for many months this year, your gift recipient will relish the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Our pools and bathing experiences are nestled in a native coastal oasis, underneath the coastal tea-trees and surrounded by fresh air.
  2. Try something new
    Although this year has been unique, we have been limited in what we have been able to experience this year. Your gift recipient will love the invitation to try something new and out of the ordinary, making memories for years to come. For something completely new at Peninsula Hot Springs, we recommend exploring our new glamping gift certificates for the ultimate experience.
  3. Relax and unwind
    This year has been significantly stressful for most of us, and our gift certificates will encourage your loved ones to take a time out to replenish their energy. Our spa treatment gift certificates can help your loved ones unwind and surrender to complete relaxation.
  4. We don’t need more material possessions
    This year made us all reflect on what is important in our lives – our connection to others, our health and our environment. Gifting an experience can provide lasting happiness whereas material possessions may only bring happiness in the moment. Experiences are much more intrinsically fulfilling than things.
  5. You might get to enjoy the experience too
    An experience gift can be something the receiver can do alone, or something you can do together to create a special memory. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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