7 reasons to visit us on a hot day

Although immersing yourself in geothermal waters on a hot day may seem counter intuitive, we have plenty to offer as the temperature rises.

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  1. We cool down some of our pools

To ensure you enjoy your bathing experience in the heat, we keep a close eye on the temperate of our waters, particularly on hot days. To keep you safe and relaxed we combine cool mineral water with our geothermal water to create the perfect temperature in our pools.


  1. Perfect opportunity to trial alternating hot and cold therapy

You may have heard of the benefits of awakening the body through alternate hot and cold therapy. This involves quickly changing the body’s environment from being immersed in a warm environment, to a cold environment and then back into a warm one again. This contrast can simultaneously reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, and loosen tight muscles, resulting in pain reduction. We have cold plunge pools and warm geothermal pools to alternate between to trial this popular procedure and a warm day is the perfect excuse to dip into the cold plunge pools.


  1. Experience Clay Ridge

Body Clay & Bathe invites you to let go of your inhibitions and find a sense of play. Set within the handcrafted Clay Ridge landscape, this 45-minute experience combines the healing powers of raw earth and water and is perfect to share with friends and family. Our Wellness team has carefully selected a series of detoxifying clays from around Australia based on their unique therapeutic benefits, and our knowledgeable and entertaining hosts will share stories about these benefits as you enjoy a simple and universal connection with nature.

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  1. Plenty of shade and protection from the wind

We are inspired by our natural landscape and therefore have returned many indigenous species to what was previously farmland. Stay cool under the shade of moonahs and tea-trees and enjoy a day immersed in nature with the native coastal trees sheltering you from both the sun and the wind.


  1. No sand in your bathers

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of sand hiding in our bathers. With no sand, just natural healing waters, we have the perfect alternative to the scratchy irritation felt after a day at the beach.


  1. Enhance your experience with our summer activities calendar

Each summer we provide a calendar of additional summer activities to celebrate the warmer weather and longer daylight hours, for further information please please visit our what’s on page.


  1. Enjoy the tranquillity, as it is generally a quiet time

We are divulging the secret of one of our most tranquil times. The warmer the temperature, the less people to share the space with. We hope you enjoy bathing in this rejuvenating environment, relaxing in nature and connecting with the deep well of your being.


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