A journey through fire and ice

Among the adventurous experience-seekers of the world, hot and cold therapy is a wellness phenomenon fast gaining popularity. And yet it’s more than a health craze: hot and cold therapy has been practiced in Scandinavian countries for centuries, and practitioners report health benefits from enhanced brain function to better sleep quality.

Opening this September is Peninsula Hot Springs’ very own hot and cold therapy experience, dubbed the ‘fire & ice’ area. It comprises two new 30-person saunas – one dry; one wet, and both set at 90 degrees Celsius – which represent the ‘fire’ component. Saunas are used all over the world to help release toxins, cleanse skin, burn calories, fight illness and improve cardiovascular performance and sleep quality.

Contrasting the heat of the sauna is the ‘ice’ component, which involves a cold plunge pool and ice plunge pool, an Ice Cave set at between 2 and minus 10 degrees Celsius, and a minus 25-degree Deep Freeze. These icy experiences are based on the theory of cryotherapy – a method made popular in Japan in the 1970s that is said to help reduce inflammation, optimise brain function, improve sleep quality and boost metabolism and collagen production.

The idea is to alternate between these hot and cold experiences, which is a practice exported from Scandinavia to the rest of the world only in recent times. For our own ‘fire & ice’ journey, staff will be stationed in the area and taking guests through the ideal order in which to explore the facilities. Come see for yourself this September.  You might just find yourself feeling more alive than ever.

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