A winter’s morning at the springs

Who says winter means having to stay cooped up indoors? We’re often asked what it’s like to bathe at the hot springs during the wintertime. The answer is that geothermal bathing is even more nourishing in the cold weather, when the temperature of the pools is in stark contrast to the crisp outdoor air.

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We’ve put together some suggestions on how you could spend a fresh winter’s morning warming up at the springs.

7am: Arrive before sunrise 

Start the day the right way and experience an early morning bathe. Bookings recommended.

7.15am: Hydrojet pool

Slide into the hydrojet pool and gaze out over the lake as the sun comes up.

8am: Cave pool

Get cosy in our Japanese-inspired cave pool.

8.30am: Turkish hammam

Become immersed in a slice of traditional Turkish culture by spending some time relaxing in the hammam.

9am: Amphitheatre pools

Head over to our newest area, where you’ll find a constellation of pools set at a lovely 38 degrees.

9.30am: Sauna

Wander over to the Fire and Ice area — also in the Amphitheatre space — and enjoy our spacious new saunas. There’s both a wet and dry sauna, and each has space for up to 30 guests.

10am: Cold plunge

It might seem counterintuitive, but bathing in cold water is a popular winter activity around the world for its ability to boost the immune system. It also makes it extra enjoyable when you then hop back into a hot pool!

10.30am: Massaging mineral showers

There’s nothing like an outdoor shower, and hot, massaging mineral showers are even better. Rinse off under the showers beside the saunas before making your way across to the bathing gully.

11am: Hot pool

Halfway up the hill is the hottest pool in the Bath House. At 42 degrees, it’s not one you can sit in for too long, but it’s great for warming your bones.

11.30am: Hot drink 

Our heated Bath House cafe serves up hot drinks and snacks from 7.30 in the morning.

12.30pm: Drift home

Head home with plenty of time to curl up on the couch with a book. Of course, you’re free to stay longer if you’d like.

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