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stay with local accommodation providers

Whether you are looking for a beachside retreat, bed and breakfast, luxury hotel or serviced apartment, you can find a stay and bathe package to suit your needs. All packages include Bath House bathing, all reservations for these packages are made directly with our regional partners.

beachside retreats

Choose from a range of coastal retreats, all located within a short distance to Peninsula Hot Springs and the delights of the beach.

bed & breakfast

Be pampered by your hosts with these indulgent packages. Accommodation ranges from historic cottages to award-winning ocean beach hideaways.


Groups are well catered for on the Mornington Peninsula, so whatever your budget, there is sure to be an option to suit your needs. Perfect for hen’s groups or golfing weekends away.

hotels and motels

Choose from a majestic stay at the iconic Portsea Hotel, luxurious stay in the boutique accommodation of Quarters at Flinders Hotel or more local stay at Bayview or Sorrento Beach Motels.


Indulge yourself at one of these luxurious properties, including ocean beach hideaways, lakeside villas, vineyard villas in the rolling hills of Red Hill and romantic Manor House style rooms on a private estate.


Whether you are seeking a couples getaway or family holiday, there are several resorts to choose from, all within a short drive to Peninsula Hot Springs.


There is a plethora of quality self-contained accommodation on the Mornington Peninsula, from apartments and cottages to beach houses and holiday homes.

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