Australian Earth Clay Collection

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The Australian Earth Clay Collection is a stimulating series of earth clays, rich in minerals as you ground yourself in the earths energy.

For centuries indigenous people around the world have enjoyed the benefits of locally harvested clays and muds for medicinal properties and ceremonial gatherings. Minerals and trace elements in clay and mud are known for their renowned effects and healing properties.

The Australian Earth Clay Collection offers 5 clay blends in re-sealable, eco-friendly pouches. Developed exclusively for Peninsula Hot Springs, our clays feature the vibrant colours of our Australian landscape.

From Victoria’s volcanic plains to the outback earth of Queensland and rich mineral sands of the Murray basin, the blends feature White Kaolin, Montmorillonite and Magnetite clays.

Developed exclusively for Peninsula Hot Springs, our clays feature the vibrant colours of our Australian landscape.

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For hundreds of years, rich red ochre was traded for its healing properties & is still used in ceremonies today. This red clay blend has gentle absorbent action & soothing properties, leaving your skin soft, remineralised & regenerated.

For centuries white kaolin has been used to draw out impurities from the skin. the mildest of all clays, white kaolin promotes blood flow & skin tone without dryness or irritation. Your skin will feel nourished.

Black magnetite has age-old cleansing & conditioning properties which nourish the skin & aid in relieving muscle aches & pains. These combined clays are nourishing leaving your skin feeling cleansed & soothed.

This blend is a soothing, absorbent clay with skin strengthening properties. It assists in reducing the appearance of pores & absorbs excess oil to draw out impurities, your skin will feel soothed & repaired.

This blend offers a detoxifying combination, which draws out impurities & boosts circulation. These combined clays assist in repairing & relieving muscle pain whilst restoring skin vitality. your skin will feel repaired & soothed.

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