Baany to Warnna Ngargee : Water to Water Festival

The Mornington Peninsula’s first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music and cultural festival.

When: 29 March 2014, The Briars, Mount Martha, Mornington Peninsula

Time: 2pm to 10pm

Peninsula Hot Springs is a proud sponsor of the Inaugural Baany to Warrna festival, a groundbreaking Indigenous music and cultural festival in the Mornington Peninsula. The Festival promotes cross-cultural awareness, bringing Indigenous and non-Indigenous people together in a vibrant, family-friendly outdoor event where Indigenous music, art, dance and culture will be showcased.

Baany to Warrna, gets its name from the local Boon Wurrung word meaning water and an Indigenous language group from the West Coast of South Australia, where Artistic Director, Ben McKeown, hails from. Maintaining language is important to identity and culture and the expression ‘water to water’ represents unity, sharing and collaborations.

This event has transpired from a growing desire to learn about Indigenous cultures.  Many people are unaware of the significant Indigenous population on the Mornington Peninsula (approx. 1000).  This festival provides an opportunity to bridge the gap – offering a welcoming environment for people to share and celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The festival will be run each year and is envisaged to become a significant draw card to the region.  The festival has huge support from local community and Elders, including traditional owner, Aunty Carolyn Briggs, of the Boon Wurrung Foundation.

The Festival will run from 2pm to 10pm and will include both traditional and contemporary musicians and dancers, bush tucker, Indigenous books, arts and crafts and Indigenous storytelling.

Additional children’s activities will include interactive drumming, Indigenous arts and crafts, face-painting and circus activities.

Food will be a combination of traditional and contemporary fare.

As part of a broader program, the festival will conduct lead-in events such as workshops and cultural activities in the build up to the main festival day.  These activities will run through schools and local community groups and will include seminars such as ‘In Conversation with Supreme Court Judge, Justice Kevin Bell’ and activities such as indigenous dance classes in schools.

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