Bath House Amphitheatre opens

This year marks an incredible progression in the story of Peninsula Hot Springs as we unveil our biggest expansion to date. Our Bath House Amphitheatre is now open and features a host of cutting-edge facilities designed to further our wellbeing offerings and take guests on a unique wellness journey.  These areas can be enjoyed by our Bath House guests, and in future the Bath House Amphitheatre will be available for private hire as the ultimate event space.

Open from 9:00am – 9:00pm daily*

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Here’s what to expect.

seven new hot spring pools
Located within the Bath House Amphitheatre are seven new pools, each fitted with underwater speakers. Guests can experience performances from the comfort of a hot spring, and also float on their back while soaking up the sonic vibrations.

amphitheatre stage
Expect to see a range of arts and entertainment experiences including musical acts, cultural talks, yoga and wellbeing classes happening on our new Amphitheatre stage. This unique performance area looks out onto an expansive grassed area dotted with geothermal pools.

fire and ice experience
Hot and cold therapy is a wellness phenomenon that’s taking over the world.

The ‘fire’ aspect of this experience comprises two new 30-person saunas designed to help sweat out toxins, improve cardiovascular performance and sleep quality, cleanse skin, burn calories and boost immunity.

The ‘ice’ component is based on the increasingly-popular practice of cryotherapy and includes an Ice Cave, Deep Freeze and cold plunge pools. The Ice Cave is set at a chilly 4 degrees Celsius and sees snow falling from the ceiling, while more daring guests can venture into the minus 25 degrees Celsius Deep Freeze for deeper cryotherapeutic benefits. Cryotherapy has been shown to reduce inflammation, optimise brain function, improve sleep quality, increase metabolism and boost collagen production.

amphitheatre café
The focus of our newest dining area will be on creating a variety of internationally-inspired dishes from seasonal, local, organic and whole (s.l.o.w.) food, harvested directly from our own Food Bowl.

food bowl
Our three-acre food terraces are currently in the first stage and already providing fresh, organic produce to our Bath House and Spa Dreaming Centre cafes. So far we have planted pumpkins, tomatoes, eggplants and several varieties of lettuce, while the future will see us growing teas and medicinal plants for retail sale. When complete, the food bowl will include a thermal glasshouse and underground mushroom cave.


wellness centre
Designed as an indoor wellness studio to complement our outdoor wellness activities, this space will host meetings and functions as well as a variety of wellbeing activities such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, massage, and health and wellness talks when our wellness program is rolled out in coming months.


*Please note that due to capacity or maintenance requirements, there may be times when certain experiences or facilities are temporarily unavailable. We do our best to ensure minimal disruption to guests during these times. Please refer to our list of planned maintenance for more information.

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