We're delighted to share our new campaign, designed to entice guests to reconnect in nature and prioritise wellness during their working week. The ‘Weekday Recharge’ campaign launched this week, aiming to inspire our visitors to embrace the flexibility that working remotely allows, by bringing the home or work office into nature.
Ever feel like you don’t want the weekend to end? Why not unwind with a relaxing soak in our thermal mineral waters and then head to our Bath House Café for soothing Sunday afternoon tunes.

Looking for new music inspiration and want to spend an evening bathing too? Each fortnight, Australian and International touring artists will be presented on our Amphitheatre stage.
All Melburnians would agree that we regularly experience four seasons in one day...we have created an all-weather guide to Peninsula Hot springs to reassure you that we have you covered no matter what the weather forecast brings.

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