Body Clay is back

A woman spreads clay on her arm

One of our most beloved experiences ever is returning to the hot springs for another season.

Body Clay & Bathe invites you to let go of your inhibitions a find a sense of play. Set within the handcrafted Clay Ridge landscape, this 45-minute experience combines the healing powers of raw earth and water and is perfect to share with friends and family. Our Wellness team has carefully selected a series of detoxifying clays from around Australia based on their unique therapeutic benefits, and our knowledgeable and entertaining hosts will share stories about these benefits as you enjoy a simple and universal connection with nature. The experience finishes with the meditative ritual of gently exfoliating and rinsing under our pure geothermal mineral showers.

Re-launching Saturday, November 3rd.



Weekdays 10.30am

Weekends 10.30am and 2.30pm

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