Looking for new music inspiration and want to spend an evening bathing too? Each fortnight, Australian and International touring artists will be presented on our Amphitheatre stage.
In support of R U OK? Day, we will be offering a number of complementary activities aimed at fostering connection through art, music, yoga and bathing.

The change of season is upon us as we start to notice longer days, warmer weather and species coming out of hibernation. If you too have been in hibernation during the winter months, Spring’s the perfect time to slip back into our ever-inviting pools and reconnect with nature. 
On Saturday 26th October on our Bath House Amphitheatre stage.

Lay back in the warmth of the springs and watch some classics that will explore themes of connection, nature and laughter. 
Ever feel like you don’t want the weekend to end? Why not unwind with a relaxing soak in our thermal mineral waters and then head to our Bath House Café for soothing Sunday afternoon tunes.

Introducing several options for those wanting to deepen and enrich their wellness experience.
From wineries and restaurants to activities and galleries

How does coming out of the ice cold surf and into a hot spring pool sound?
Who says winter means having to stay cooped up indoors?

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