Peninsula Hot Springs is honoured to support our community partner, Mentis Assist, in this special fundraising event for mental health awareness. 
Whether it is a night without the kids, celebrating a milestone birthday or your first anniversary, we have a range of unique experiences to help inspire you for your next date.

help boost your immunity as well as your mental and physical health at home.

Join us for our annual charity cycling event on Sunday 20th October, 2019.
A long weekend is the perfect excuse to take a drive south and explore our picturesque home; the Mornington Peninsula. 

The Seven Seasons of Peninsula Hot Springs is inspired by First Nations people, the world over, where people are connected to a geographic space; the plants, animals and seasonal cycles that guide their annual life cycles.
As a part of Sleep Awareness Week, 5th – 11th August, we wanted to remind you about the ways in which quality sleep can play a major role in your life along with how hot springs bathing can aid in better sleep.

How does coming out of the ice cold surf and into a hot spring pool sound?
Establish a winter wellness routine

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