Do you know how valuable your sleep is?

At Peninsula Hot Springs we understand the importance of looking after yourself, and there is something that we all do every day from infancy to old age without acknowledging how important it is for your health. As a part of Sleep Awareness Week, 5th – 11th August, we wanted to remind you about the ways in which quality sleep can play a major role in your life along with how hot springs bathing can aid in better sleep.

According to the Sleep Health Foundation the top three things that good quality sleep affects are our ability to learn, to think clearly and to protect ourselves from any future harm to our brains. Sleep is also essential for optimal learning and memory function. Therefore, we believe it is really important for us all to take actions throughout our day that will promote a better night’s sleep.

In 2017 Peninsula Hot Springs partnered with RMIT University’s School of Health and Biomedical Sciences for an innovative Victorian study exploring the characteristics, motivations and experiences of people bathing at Peninsula Hot Springs. The ‘Indulgence or Therapy’ research is a first for Victoria. RMIT received over 4,000 responses to an online survey of Peninsula Hot Springs bathers with results published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research in March 2017.

From this study it was discovered that 82% of respondents felt they slept better after visiting the hot springs, with 62% of those who reported much better sleep stating the effect lasted for 2 days or longer. The Sleep Health Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours sleep per night for adults, are you reaching this nightly target? If sleep is something you want to improve why not try visiting us for a bathe in our natural geothermal mineral springs to see if you can join the 82% of respondents who slept better after visiting.

Studies have shown that sleeping outdoors can improve sleep quality, one of the biggest reasons for this being a sleep aid is the exposure to natural light. Another positive element to sleeping outdoors is the fresh air you breathe in overnight. During sleep awareness week, why not try sleeping under the stars for a night, or at the very least open the window and allow fresh air to circulate through your bedroom to see if you notice any improvement.

We are delighted that soon you will be able to combine the benefits of bathing and sleeping among nature onsite here at the hot springs to create the ultimate overnight experience. This Summer we will be launching glamping accommodation, if you would like to be one of the first people to hear about this unique offering sign up to our hot springs community below and keep an eye on your inbox in September.

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