Bathe in Cinema | Winter Edition

Thursday evenings in June, July & August

Bathe in Cinema returns this winter with a new lineup of films to complement your mid-week hot springs bathe

As the days get shorter and the winter air settles in for the season, we are delighted to announce the winter Bathe in Cinema schedule. Get ready for a unique experience that seamlessly combines the warmth of our hot springs with the allure of the big screen.

Whether planning a romantic evening, a night with friends, or a solo self-care retreat, our curated film selection promises to elevate your Peninsula Hot Springs experience. We’re inviting guests to immerse themselves in water stories and inspiring themes each Thursday night in winter. With our June and July line up locked in, make sure to secure your place and stay tuned for what we have planned August.

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Details of bathe in cinema

Bathe in Cinema is complimentary with Revitalise Bath House Bathing. Bookings essential.

In the event of heavy rainfall the movie screening may need to be cancelled. As the screenings are complimentary with the bathing pass no refunds will be provided due to screening cancellation due to the weather

When making a booking, make sure to select the correct date we are screening the film of your choice

the june program

6 June 6:30pm | Mavka: The Forest Song

An animated feature film inspired by the Ukranian folklore, deeply rooted in Slavic mythology and centred around the character Mavka. This family favourite film evokes the themes of culture, nature and love all in the display of a vibrant animation style that captures the beauty of the Ukranian forests and the mystical creatures that lie within.

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13 June 6:30pm | Beyond the Reef

An adventure film set in the French Polynesian islands, combining themes of romance, drama and exploration against the stunning Bora Bora backdrop. Beyond the Reef follows the story of Tikoyo, a young boy who forms a deep bond with a shark named Manidu, the catalyst for his harmonious connection with the sea and its creatures.

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20 June 6:30pm | Blueback

Blueback is an Australian drama film based on the novel of the same name by renowned author Tim Winton. Abby, a young girl develops a deep connection with a blue groper fish she names Blueback and becomes increasingly aware of the environmental threats facing her marine friend. Follow a coming of age film that explores the themes of environmental conservation and connection to nature.

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27 June 6:30pm | Luca

A story of self-discovery – Luca follows the life of a young sea monster who lives with his family in the waters near the town of Portorosso. In a film about friendship and identity, fear and acceptance, Luca is a film renowned for its beautiful animation, which wonderfully captures the sun-drenched Italian coastline.

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the july program

The coolest season presents longer nights, allowing us to bring you two back-to-back films every Thursday night in July. Join us for family-friendly picks at 5:30pm or enjoy a later screening at 7:30pm, and savour a unique cinema experience under the wintery starry sky.

4 July 5:30pm | Wish

A magical film that follows the story of Asha, a young girl who makes a powerful wish on a star that prompts a profound cosmic force – a tiny ball of boundless energy named Star. Together, Asha and Star set off on a journey filled with fantastical elements, showcasing the importance of hope, courage and the magic of wishes.

4 July 7:30pm | Yudo: The Way of the Bath

A heartwarming Japanese film that explores the relationship of two brothers and their journey towards understanding one another. After their father’s passing, Shiro and Goro are left their family-owned sento, a traditional Japanese public bathhouse, which has been a staple in their community for generations. While they have a difference of opinion, the brothers come together in the name of family and tradition, and in respect to their father’s legacy.

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11 July 5:30pm | Frozen 2

Continuing three years after the events of the original Frozen, Queen Elsa and her sister Anna are living in peace in Arendelle. After Elsa begins hearing mysterious voices, her, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf set off on an epic adventure to the Enchanted Forest.

11 July 7:30pm | Putuparri and the Rainmakers

Follow the journey of Aboriginal man Tom ‘Patuparri’ Lawford as reconnects with his cultural heritage and the sacred rainmaking traditions of his ancestors. The film highlights the deep spiritual connection between Aboriginal people and their land, focusing on the preservation of traditions and stories.

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18 July 5:30pm | Raya and the Last Dragon

A fantasy film set in the land of Kumandra, a place where humans and dragons once lived together in harmony. When sinister monsters known as the Druun threaten the land, the dragons sacrifice themselves to save humanity. Follow the journey of Raya as she goes on a quest to find the last dragon so she can reunite the fragmented land and its divided people to once again fend off the Druun. A film that is culturally rich with themes of trust and teamwork.

18 July 7:30pm | The Spirit of Ubuntu with live music performance by Grammy nominated artist Pato Banton

We are humbled to have artist Pato Banton perform before the screening of The Spirit of Ubuntu, a documentary by award-winning director Kudzai Tinago for a special Bathe in Cinema event. The Spirit of Ubuntu explores the ancient philosophy of Ubuntu – I am because we are, we are because I am. The film focuses on some of the most dynamic and visionary leaders across Africa who practice the teachings of Ubuntu in their daily work to improve the lives of the people in their local and surrounding communities.

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25 July 5:30pm | The Call of the Wild

A film seeped in friendship, self-discovery, and freedom, The Call of the Wild tells the timeless story of Buck, a large and loveable St. Bernard-Scotch Collie mix who is taken from his comfortable life in California and transported to the wilds of the Yukon. A visually stunning, emotionally resonant adventure film with breathtaking landscapes and heartfelt performances.

25 July 7:30pm | Last Cab to Darwin

A film that grapples with the complexities of life and mortality, The Last Cab to Darwin is a captivating, thought-provoking drama that explores themes related to the human experience with sensitivity and depth.

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Stay tuned for the August lineup to complete our winter program

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