Showcase series: Coda Chroma

Saturday July 27 | 6pm

award-winning singer-songwriter and inspiring melodist Coda Chroma joins us as part of our ongoing showcase series.

We are delighted to (re)welcome Coda Chroma, aka Kate Lucas, joining us alongside keyboardist and vocalist Nat Lewis, to perform an intimate duo performance. Coda Chroma is an unmatched creative in the Australian music space, having released three studio albums, with her latest release titled Dreamself – a celebration of the liminal space that occurs during sleep, where stories unfold through abstraction.

Coda Chroma will perform at 6pm on Saturday 27 July from our Amphitheatre stage.

Our ongoing Showcase Series is complimentary with Revitalise Bath House bathing.

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get to know Coda Chroma

Coda Chroma is the musical project of Australian artist Kate Lucas. Known for her distinctive fusion of indie pop and electronic elements, Coda Chroma effortlessly creates unique sounds elevated by introspective lyrics and poetic sincerity. Her musical catalogue spans three studio albums, each featuring a mix of complex harmonies, ambient soundscapes and a dreamy blend of organic and synthetic instrumental sounds.

Described by Tone Deaf magazine as ‘one of the most innovative and noteworthy musicians’, Coda Chroma is praised in the industry for her songwriting, with themes that delve into her most personal experiences. Through Coda Chroma, Kate Lucas continues to explore various dimensions of sound, pushing the boundaries to create expansive musical arrangements.

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