finding your flow with shiva rea

Tuesday March 28, 2023

Internationally recognised as a global wellness leader and expert in the discipline of yoga, we are delighted to welcome you to extend your Awaken journey and take part in an immersive one day event with Shiva Rea at Peninsula Hot Springs on Tuesday March 28, 2023.

Shiva Rea is a global movement and yoga teacher, founder of prana flow, creative catalyst, lover of life, energy activist, and explorer. Described as a ‘global pilgrim’, Shiva is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive and as consequence, leaves a creative and dynamic path for contemporary practitioners to offer a transformative practice to those honouring the ancient science.

In Finding your Flow with Shiva Rea, find your centre in collective rhythm and flow as you participate in an immersive program of events. Expect to take part in rhythmic vinyasa, ceremonial journeys of movement and meditation and a Yoga Trance Dance where you will explore the spirit of dance within yoga.

Tickets to this Shiva Rea one day exclusive are $385 per person. Book now

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