Experience our new Hammam in the Spa Dreaming Centre

Experience our new Hammam in the Spa Dreaming Centre.

Over the years, the Hammam in the Bath House bathing area has proven to be a popular experience, as such, we decided to introduce the experience into the Spa Dreaming Centre.

This ancient multistage bathing ritual dates back to 7th century. The word Hammam means ‘spreader of warmth’ and signifies the place where one came to wash, spend time with friends and escape from the chaos of everyday life.

It incorporates hot steam hydrotherapy with a cleansing ritual utilising the Moroccan Hammam products that provide numerous health benefits for the mind and body.

It helps to deeply cleanse the skin and boost circulation while relaxing muscles and relieving tension.

It is the perfect all over experience for detoxifying, revitalising and renewing the body’s natural state.

The Hammam is a sensual bathing retreat for guests 16 years and older and is one of our Spa Dreaming Centre bathing experiences.

To enjoy this experience, simply book one of our private bathingspa treatment or dining packages.

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