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Sink into our natural geothermal mineral waters that flow from 637 metres below ground into our pools and private baths. Awaken your senses, relax and reconnect as you explore our natural surrounds.

As a premier wellness destination we have over 50 globally inspired bathing experiences for you to explore. Whether you are looking to connect in our Bath House, find tranquillity in our Spa Dreaming Centre or experience the bliss of serene bathing, the choice is yours.

bath house

Relax and reconnect in our family-friendly Bath House. From the Amphitheatre to the Bathing Gully, explore over 30 globally inspired bathing experiences including the iconic hilltop pool.

recharge, revitalise, restore.

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spa dreaming centre

The Spa Dreaming Centre is a blissful sanctuary with an emphasis on tranquil spaces, designed for guests 16 years and older.

Choose from a variety of bathing, signature spa treatments and dining packages.

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serene bathing

Enjoy a touch of privacy and seclusion on your next hot springs visit.

Choose from indoor or outdoor bathing pavilions in the Spa Dreaming Centre or a reserved pool in our Bath House.

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Health benefits of bathing

Bathing in mineral waters as a part of preventative medicine is widely recognised and encouraged in many cultures. Throughout Europe and Japan, balneotherapy has been incorporated into routine medical care.

Hot spring soaking has a well established connection with global traditions. Numerous indigenous traditions from various tribes consider hot springs to be ‘power spots’ in nature.


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