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From snorkelling to scuba diving, fishing to dolphin and seal watching and almost everything in between – the Peninsula is your oyster. Here are some of our favourite water activities on the Peninsula.

Polperro dolphin swim and bathe

Enter the cool waters of Port Phillip Bay for a magical experience swimming with wild bottlenose dolphins and Australian fur seals. Later, relax in the luxury of nearby Peninsula Hot Springs thermal mineral pools. A gift for all water and adventure lovers.

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Dolphin Sanctuary Kayak and bathe

Bayplay’s Sea Kayaking is the ultimate way to explore the pristine coastline of the Mornington Peninsula. Encounter dolphins, seals and penguins up close as you paddle through the Ticonderoga Bay Dolphin Sanctuary zone and Point Nepean National Park, and then let your worries soak away in the thermal hot springs.

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Moonraker dolphin swim and bathe

Start your day with a 3 hour dolphin and seal swim or sightsee adventure where you will swim alongside Bottlenose dolphins, Australian Fur Seals and and array of colourful fish or you may choose to take in this breathtaking experience all from the comfort of your seat.

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Stand Up Paddle and bathe

Take the plunge and have a go at the world’s fastest growing water sport – stand up paddle boarding. Then relax in the rich thermal mineral waters of Peninsula Hot Springs. The SUP and hot springs package is available for one-on-one lessons, couples or groups of three or more.

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Sea Dragon Snorkel and Bathe

Visit the rare Weedy Seadragons in their natural habitat! Learn all about the marine life of Port Phillip Bay in a relaxed coastal setting with Bayplay’s professional interpretive snorkel guides. Suitable for all swimming levels, then soak up the minerals with a bathing experience in the Hot Springs.

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Bay Fish N Trips and bathe

Join Bay Fish N Trips for a fishing trip adventure, onto Port Phillip Bay, catching fish and enjoying other delights this natural environment has on offer. After returning to shore, you can then visit Peninsula Hot Springs and relax in the warm mineral pools and indulge in a variety of bathing experiences.

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Sail To The Seals and Bathe

Cruise on board our catamaran, Dolphin II. Sail along the coastline and enjoy the highlights – cliff top mansions, dolphins frolicking off the bow plus a stop off at Chainman’s’ Hat to visit the Seals. Then venture to the Hot Springs for a bathing experience to top off a great day with Bayplay.

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Other water activities include:

For more information about water activities on the Mornington Peninsula, visit the official regional tourism website.

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