what you need to know in an extreme weather event

our evacuation plan

our extreme weather evacuation plan

While we aim to create a wonderful experience for you during your visit, sometimes unforeseen extreme weather conditions may occasionally lead to disruptions. If a sudden change of weather becomes a safety concern for guests at Peninsula Hot Springs that necessitates an evacuation, we want to assure you that we have implemented steps to help you post visit.

Each individuals experience is different and may vary, therefore we ask that you refer to the options below to determine what applies to you.

unable to check in

If you were unable to check in for your bathing experience due to an extreme weather event, contact us and we will go through your options.

two hours from check in

If your booking was impacted by the extreme weather event and you bathed for less than two hours, please contact us to arrange a reschedule of your bathing booking.

checked in three hours prior to evacuation

In the event that you checked in more than 3 hours prior to the evacuation there will be no refund/reschedule offered.

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