Five reasons to bathe before your spa treatment

We’re passionate about providing a holistic wellness experience to help you connect with the deep well of your being – that’s why we offer our spa treatments with geothermal bathing. Here are five reasons why combining bathing with treatments will leave your mind relaxed and body rejuvenated.

  1. Assists with muscle relaxation

Heating your body through geothermal bathing prior to your treatment enables your muscles to start relaxing from the moment you immerse yourself in our healing waters. Your muscles will be more responsive to massage as a result, allowing our therapists to work more deeply.

  1. Complements the physical benefits of your treatment

“Geothermal bathing can assist with a range of chronic health conditions and help loosen joints, reduce pain and swelling and improve blood flow,” says Peninsula Hot Springs General Manager Brook Ramage “Which has added benefits such as aiding in digestion and lowering blood pressure.”

Pairing bathing with the therapeutic effect of massage further enhances these benefits.

  1. Helps transition from the outside world

Beginning your journey with a dip in our geothermal baths helps cleanse you of the residual stress of everyday life and create space between you and the outside world. This means that by the time you step into your treatment room you’re already feeling amply relaxed and will get the most out of your treatment.

  1. Enhances skin nourishment

In addition to the minerals that are absorbed through the skin when bathing at Peninsula Hot Springs (such as magnesium, boron and potassium), bathing in warm water helps open up your pores before your treatment.

“We use a range of beautiful natural oils and muds in our treatments,” says Peninsula Hot Springs Spa Manager Amber Genevieve. “Bathing beforehand can help the skin better absorb these products.”

  1. Incorporates nature into your wellness journey

There is solid evidence to suggest that being immersed in an environment rich with trees has a myriad of health benefits, from decreasing blood pressure and stress hormones to elevating your mood. At Peninsula Hot Springs we believe that nature should be at the heart of each guest’s wellness experience.


Please note that prior to your treatment, we recommend bathing in the pools that are warm (rather than hot) and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.

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