Global live soak event

The Global Wellness Institute’s – Hot Springs Initiative is holding a Global Live Soak event on November 13 and 14th in ten different countries.

The event will run simultaneously at hot springs in Hungary, Japan, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, China, New Zealand, Australia, Costa Rica and the United States from 4pm-7pm EST, and will be live streamed on

Hot Springs and hydrothermal therapies have been at the centre of many of the greatest wellness cultures in history, sharing the belief that hot springs and hydrothermal therapy can provide the mind, body and soul with the rejuvenation and renewal.

Hot Springs and Hydrothermal Therapy are proven to: improve the immune system response to infection, rid the body of toxins, reducing blood pressure, improving digestion, improve circulation, boost brain activity, decrease stress and increase happiness.

The word SPA is said to have derived from the Latin solus per aqua, or “health by water,” and for centuries cultures around the world have practiced “contrast bathing” – hot or warm soaks or steams followed by immersion in cold water or cold air – to aid in everything from building the immune system to treating allergies.

Each hot spring has unique nutrient-rich minerals, such as Sulphur, sodium, lithium, potassium, iron and manganese and are all set in a beautiful natural environment.

“Our research has found that nature is not an amenity … it’s a necessity,” says University of Chicago Psychology Professor, Marc Berman. Being in nature, “reduces symptoms of depression, sadness, low self-esteem, anger, and can improve overall mood,” according to Dr. Candice La Lima, PhD, a clinical psychologist with Northwell Health.

During these difficult times when the world has been so impacted by COVID-19, it is important that we remember the benefits of bathing. Though we are separated by oceans, Hot spring communities around the world recognise that we’re all connected by water.

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