Global Wellness Day 2015

The fundamental purpose of Global Wellness Day is to make us aware of the value of our lives. Even if it’s just for one day of the year.

The founder of Global Wellness Day BELGİN AKSOY has explained why she wanted to start the international day of wellness celebration.

“We all want to be healthy, look good, and live a good life, both physically and spiritually. In fact, you could say that living well is practically the whole world’s shared dream. So if this is how we all feel, why not have a special day dedicated to this shared dream? We have honoured almost everything which is important to us with a special day, so why isn’t there a global day to honour the universally accepted importance of living well?

We are very proud of the fact that today, we can answer this question by saying “yes, it now exists”. Every year, on the second Saturday of June, we celebrate this special day as Global Wellness Day. Global Wellness Day is an entirely not-for-profit day, a social project created by volunteers dedicated to living well. One day can change your whole life.”

On Saturday 13th June there were over 30 countries that participated in Global Wellness Day 2015, we participated in Global Wellness Day by offering a variety of complimentary wellness workshops and classes throughout the day. All guests who visited the Bath House were invited to participate in the activities, which included didgeridoo meditation, yoga, happiness retreat and a raw food and smoothie demonstration. To view images from Global Wellness Day visit our Facebook page.

We look forward to running many more wellness days in the future, if you are interested in being kept up to date with our wellness activities including our seasonal complimentary activities please emailyour details.

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