Happiness Retreat

At this stage we do not have another happiness retreat date locked in. The facilitator is currently creating some new content for a retreat, so once that has been finalised we will arrange the next retreat. Please email wellness@peninsulahotsprings.com if you would like to be added to our wellness database to hear about future retreats and wellness activities.

The next Happiness Retreat is held in the luxury and comfort of our Royal Moroccan tent. The retreat is a place for you to take time out to relax, unwind and engage in a range of simple yet powerful happiness boosting strategies.

This retreat also gives you the time, space and guidance to pause and thoughtfully consider deep down, what’s really important to you, so you can prioritise what matters most and create a life you love.

During this retreat you will learn the science-backed skills and understanding that contribute to psychological well-being.

Topics covered include: Why happiness is a worthwhile goal, how much we can influence our happiness, barriers to happiness, techniques to increase happiness, the happiness trap, a new way of relating to unhelpful thoughts, learning and clarifying your values and how to take effective action towards your goals.

An afternoon of soaking in the thermal pools and taking in the tranquility of the natural setting at Peninsula Hot Springs brings an opportunity for relaxation and reflection on what you learn about creating a happier, healthier, more peaceful and more meaningful life. The Happiness Retreat will be held by Dr Jodi Richardson a passionate advocate for mental health and well-being, who has experience working at Beyond Blue and the Australian Institute of Sport.

The Happiness retreat includes:

  • The three hour Happiness workshop
  • Morning tea
  • Bath House bathing
  • Towel, robe and locker hire

Cost: $195 per person

If you would like more information or are interested in learning more about the wellness activities we offer please email wellness@peninsulahotsprings.com

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