Hot Springs helping hand for Arthritis

Peninsula Hot Springs and Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria are joining forces to help people improve their health and wellbeing.

CEO of Peninsula Hot Springs Charles Davidson said: “We know that many of our regular clients live with (and suffer from) arthritis. They visit because of the benefit and relief they experience from bathing in thermal mineral waters. It seemed only natural to develop a partnership with an organisation that is also focusing on improving the quality of life of those living with arthritis.”

Peninsula Hot Springs and Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria share the philosophy that keeping active is good for you both physically and mentally. Both organisations are passionate about health and wellness as well as promoting the benefits of self-management tools and techniques for people with muscle, bone and joint conditions.

“Self-care cannot be underestimated. Making time for physical activity as well as rest and relaxation and is just as important as visiting your GP. We want to encourage more people to have a holistic approach to prevention and managing their muscle, bone and joint condition,” said Linda Martin, CEO Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria.

“Medication alone isn’t going to help unless you exercise, have a healthy diet and take time out to relax. We want to inspire people to make proactive choices about their health. Peninsula Hot Springs provides people with the ideal environment to relax and consider their health needs,” she said.

In 2014, AOV conducted a research project with Monash University (Best practice evidence for warm water exercise for people with musculoskeletal conditions: A systematic review of the literature 2014)that revealed warm water exercise is an effective and safe alternative for those who are unable to exercise on land due to their condition. It also revealed that people who participate in warm water exercise experienced reduction in pain, improvement in physical function and quality of life.

This new partnership aims to improve the lives of the one in every three Australians currently living with a muscle, bone or joint condition. It will also educate those at risk of developing one of these painful and debilitating conditions and highlight the benefits of hot mineral springs, warm water exercise plus other wellness activities and relaxation treatments such as massage, meditation and yoga. Peninsula Hot Springs will also support AOV by hosting a range a fundraising events over the coming year.

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About Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria

Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria has a long and trusted reputation as the leading not-for-profit health organisation representing people who live with arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain and over 150 other conditions affecting muscles, bones and joints. We provide vital services, advocacy, information, education and research.


About Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs (PHS) was founded in 1997 and officially opened in 2005. PHS is the first natural hot springs and day spa centre in Victoria, located 90 minutes south of Melbourne. It is a multi-award winning facility that attracts more than 440,000 visitors a year and in addition to bathing and spa treatments also offers weekly wellness activities including warm water exercise, yoga, meditation and Qi Gong.

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