January 25, 2023

wellness edit | our first overnight wellness retreat: nature immersion

Written by Amelia

As we venture deeper into the coolness of autumn, we are presented with a moment to pause, reflect and retreat into the stillness within.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, autumn is the season of the Metal element. It is a time for nourishing the lungs with fresh air and breathing exercises, letting go, crafting new habits, cultivating emotional balance and transitioning from the busy, active ‘Yang’ energy of summer into a slower, more passive, introspective ‘Yin’ state.

Our premier overnight wellness retreat, which launches mid-autumn, offers the ideal opportunity to ground ourselves in the new season. A long time in the making, the ‘Nature Immersion’ retreat draws together the foundational elements of wellness: movement, relaxation, nature, nutritious food, education, spa therapies, sleep, connection — and of course, geothermal water.

Unfolding in the tranquil setting of Peninsula Hot Springs, this two-day retreat is a well-rounded and holistic immersion that harnesses the full restorative power and healing magic of our beautiful facilities and natural surroundings.

Retreat guests will be guided through dynamic morning and restorative evening yoga classes (complete with crystal bowl sound healing) by accomplished yoga and meditation teacher, Sonja Kyra-Bleau from Honestly Yoga. Sonja will also lead pranayama (breathwork), meditation and journaling sessions to further cultivate stillness, balance and flow.

Meanwhile, esteemed naturopath and nutritionist Freya Lawler will facilitate a nutrition masterclass on the foundations of nurturing ourselves and following s.l.o.w (seasonal, local, organic, whole) food principles in the modern age. This workshop will take place in our glasshouse, where guests can take in the calming vista of our three-acre terraced food bowl while enjoying a wholesome breakfast.

Naturally, the retreat includes bathing across the entire site so you can explore everything our facility has to offer — from steam rooms to infrared and traditional saunas; hot springs and cold plunge pools to massaging mineral showers. As accommodation guests, you will also be able to take full advantage of the quietude of both moonlit and early morning bathing.

For total relaxation, each guest will also have the choice between a deeply rejuvenating 60-minute facial or massage in our luxurious Spa Dreaming Centre. All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are also included.

At the end of your first day, you’ll retire to the splendour of our luxury glamping tent and fall asleep to the soothing sounds of nature. You’ll wake on the second day of the retreat feeling rested, refreshed and ready to move, bathe, relax and be inspired.

Our carefully planned retreat itinerary allows ample time for wandering the grounds and submerging in geothermal waters, connecting with others and unwinding in the privacy of your accommodation. This bespoke experience is equal parts luxurious, grounding and illuminating.

The Nature Immersion retreat caters to yoga beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. It is designed for guests at the start of their wellbeing journey as well as those who have been travelling the wellness road for a while.

If you feel called to pause and retreat from the busyness of life, immerse yourself in nature and create new habits, this curated experience is for you.

about sonja

Sonja Kyra-Bleau has over a decade of yoga and meditation teaching experience and has been a devoted yoga practitioner for over 25 years. Her signature theme is weaving nature into her yoga classes. Sonja comes from a jazz ballet background and has studied in vinyasa and ashtanga styles of yoga.

Sonja’s classes are made up of effective pose sequences, precise cueing to create awareness and connection and inspirational language — she is well-known for her warm nature, soothing ambient tone of voice and supportive style of guiding safely to all levels.

Sonja is also a Legacy Lululemon Ambassador and a WanderlustTV content provider and has been written blog articles and been featured in a variety of media and publications, including Channel 9, Endota Retreat, WanderlustTV, Mindful Mums and many other wellness brands providing yoga content.

about freya

Freya Lawler (BHSc Naturopath, Nutritionist and Natural Fertility Educator) is the Resident Nutritionist at Peninsula Hot Springs.

Growing up in rural southern Tasmania, Freya appreciated the wonders of nature from an early age. Freya embraces a simplified and practical approach to modern wellness and possesses an insatiable curiosity when it comes to wellbeing. She is particularly passionate about practising traditional and evidence-based methods that truly work.

Freya's interest and expertise in women’s health, hormones and gastrointestinal complaints stemmed from her own personal journey of experiencing long-term symptoms in these areas. In Freya’s case, this required a collaborative approach to healing that consisted of both natural and conventional practices.

Freya is qualified to treat the root cause of illness using a variety of safe and effective therapies including herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, lifestyle counselling and physical medicine. Freya loves nothing more than to empower people on their own personal journeys to achieve elevated wellness so they can live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Our Nature Immersion Retreat will run from 20th to 21st of April, 2023 on-site at Peninsula Hot Springs.

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