January 8, 2024

Bath House versus Spa Dreaming Centre

Written by Amelia

what’s the difference between the Bath House and Spa Dreaming Centre?

We’re often asked about the difference between our two bathing areas, and which one you should visit. The answer, of course, is that the Bath House and Spa Dreaming Centre both offer an incredible, diverse range of unique bathing experiences. It simply depends on what you’re seeking.

the Bath House

A social space inviting connection

The Bath House is our main bathing area. It’s designed to be a family-friendly, social space where people can gather to enjoy over 50 globally-inspired, immersive bathing experiences.

There is no minimum age for visiting the Bath House, and we often find that it’s a place for multiple generations of one family to meet and connect. If you’re visiting with a group, the Bath House is the most suitable area for you to bathe.

The Bath House includes a cafe, bathing gully (that winds its way up the hill to the Hilltop Pool) and an Amphitheatre, as well as picnic areas and relaxation spaces. We also have an Amphitheatre cafe that is open on weekends.

There are plenty of beloved bathing experiences in the Bath House — from the iconic Cave Pool, Reflexology Walk and Hilltop Pool to the Amphitheatre, Fire and Ice area and Hydrojet pools — yet there is also a wide range of incredible activities and experiences that sometimes slip under our guests’ radar.

Beyond the Amphitheatre cafe, for example, you’ll find a collection of hammocks hanging among a forest of sheoaks. This is an excellent place to pause, lie back and enjoy some shade as you gaze up at the trees or read a book.

A place to relax & embrace wellness

The Bath House is also home to various relaxation spaces. There are relaxation domes filled with luxury bean bags throughout the facility, and a partially covered Sun Lounge located above the Fire and Ice area. Our Moroccan Pavilion is a lavishly decorated indoor space complete with daybeds and ottomans, and you can even order refreshments to this space via QR code.

Be sure to venture to our three-acre terraced Food Bowl if you’re visiting the Bath House, where you can follow paths to explore our beautiful array of fresh produce while taking in a picturesque view. We also hold group exclusive experiences in this area including our Food Bowl Discovery Tours and Nourish Workshops.

And one of our newest activities is our Bathing Barrels Experience, where you can submerge yourself in an individual barrel of geothermal mineral water while surrounded by greenery in a quiet area past the bathing gully. These barrels are bookable for 45 minutes at a time.

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the Spa Dreaming Centre

A tranquil space

The Spa Dreaming Centre is a smaller and more tranquil space that is restricted to guests aged 16 years and over and limited to a reduced number of bathers.

As well as being a little quieter than the Bath House, this area boasts its own stunning line-up of bathing experiences. The Spa Dreaming Centre is home to multiple pools — including two large Scandinavian hot tub-inspired Barrel Pools — plus a Cold Plunge Pool, Foot Bath, Falling Water Massage, Zen Chi Machine and three different kinds of sauna.

A space to invite wellbeing practices

One of the most unique experiences in our Spa Dreaming Centre is the Moroccan Hammam. This steam room is built and decorated as a traditional Moroccan steam room, with Moroccan tiles, gold accents, and taps that give you the full cleansing experience. Soap and exfoliating mitts can be purchased from reception.

For those interested in a drier kind of heat, our infrared sauna might be just what you’re seeking. This dry style of sauna doesn’t feel as hot as the traditional or steam versions, but allows you to slowly build sweat and detoxify over time.

Next to the infrared sauna you’ll find our Zen Chi machine, designed to help stimulate and shift energy (or ‘chi’ in Chinese Medicine) for improved wellbeing. All you need to do is lie down and allow the machine to gently and rhythmically rock your body from side to side.

And for those who like it hot, our Orchid Pool is one of the hottest on the premises at 42 degrees. This makes an excellent bathing experience in the depths of winter, or if you’re experimenting with hot and cold contrast therapy - it’s only a hop, skip and a jump to the cold plunge pool.

Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the Spa Dreaming Centre, the Bath House or both, you will be entering a world of wellness rituals and unique bathing experiences — all while surrounded by the beauty of nature. We look forward to welcoming you to our coastal oasis.

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