November 10, 2023

Journey Within: A signature overnight retreat

Written by Amelia

whether you’re seeking deep relaxation, self-reflection, time in nature, wellbeing wisdom, connection with like-minded souls or simply two days to immerse in wellness, our overnight retreat is for you.

Unfolding 1 & 2 December, 2023 on the stunning grounds of Peninsula Hot Springs, Journey Within will be a holistic and nurturing journey into the deep well of your being.

As a home for conscious wellness communities, our passion and commitment at Peninsula Hot Springs is to offer a holistic approach to wellness that integrates all aspects of life. Journey Within is an invitation for each participant to shift their awareness from external activities and turn inwards, from where each of us is empowered to recognise what truly serves our wellbeing. It is an opportunity to discover, from within your own heart space, the most authentic self expression for this moment in your life.

During the retreat, participants will experience how each of our senses can be a doorway to inner awareness and connection with the deep well within.

To secure your place, contact our Groups team on (03) 5950 8712 or To discover more, head over to our Signature Retreats page.

Discover the program

10 reasons to consider joining us for our first signature overnight retreat

1. Hot springs provide natural relaxation, helping to reduce stress hormones and boost overall wellbeing

So many of us today are feeling the effects of being overworked and overstressed. The warmth and mineral composition of geothermal springs encourages relaxation and can downshift stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

Immersing oneself in mineral-rich hot springs also improves blood circulation, reduces muscle tension and has a therapeutic effect on the skin.

2. You will have access to revered wellness professionals

Integrative health GP Dr Michelle Woolhouse and naturopath-nutritionist Freya Lawler are both highly skilled and brimming with wisdom on how to address modern health concerns such as burnout and hormonal imbalance.

These two sought-after wellness experts are deeply committed to research and to exploring the mind-body connection. During this retreat, you’ll learn valuable wellbeing tips to practise in your daily life and you will be able to connect with Dr Michelle and Freya directly.

Throughout the retreat, you will also be guided by experienced yoga and meditation instructor Sonja Kyra-Bleau as well as Max Jared, a sound facilitator that offers sonic experiences connecting mind, body, emotions and spirit.

3. Engaging in outdoor activities and connecting with nature promotes wellness and vitality

Our retreat takes place against the breathtaking backdrop of remnant coastal bushland. Our pools are surrounded by native flora and fauna, and several of our wellness sessions are held outdoors. Meanwhile, our luxurious Glamping accommodation provides comfort and luxury while being nestled in nature, where you’ll awaken to the sounds of birds and frogs.

You’ll also have ample opportunities to explore the grounds — whether you’re suspended in a hammock beneath sheoaks, relaxing on the grass or resting in a hanging egg chair.

4. Embodiment practices will help you reconnect with your body

As part of the retreat program, you’ll experience an embodiment practice (accompanied by sound healing courtesy of Max Jared) and a sunrise yoga flow class led by our brilliant yoga instructor, Sonja Kyra-Bleau. These sessions will help you inhabit your body in ways that feel intuitive, empowering and nurturing.

5. The retreat atmosphere and hot springs promote quality sleep

Sleep is a foundational element of health, yet nearly half of adult Australians report issues with achieving quality sleep. The Journey Within retreat will help promote deep rest through a range of rejuvenating activities. Immersion in hot springs has also been shown to enhance sleep quality.

6. Hot and cold therapy has a long list of health benefits

During the retreat you’ll have the opportunity to participate in hot and cold (or contrast) therapy through our Fire and Ice workshop, where you’ll be guided by a wellness professional in moving between the sauna, mineral showers, cold plunge pool and ice plunge pool.

Contrast therapy is becoming increasingly popular for its ability to boost energy, decrease inflammation, stimulate detoxification and improve cardiovascular health, among other benefits.

7. Spending two days at the hot springs allows more time to properly unwind

Many visit Peninsula Hot Springs for a few hours at a time and leave feeling very relaxed. This experience is magnified when guests are able to bathe for longer periods, and if they bathe multiple times in one day and on consecutive days. When combined with our array of wellbeing experiences and spa treatments, our retreat guests will depart feeling profoundly rested and replenished.

8. The retreat setting offers a break from routine, allowing for reflection and personal growth

Some of us might take a few minutes each day to meditate, or spend an hour in a yoga class. The beauty of a retreat is that it allows us the time and space to practise introspection and reflection in an especially profound and meaningful way. By retreating from our daily routine, we can experience greater clarity and insights. Think of it as a full mind and body reset.

The serene environment of a hot springs wellness retreat is also designed to enhance creativity, cultivate mindfulness and help guests tap into deeper parts of themselves.

9. Connecting with like-minded individuals at a retreat fosters a sense of community and support

Being in a retreat setting and surrounded by others on a similar journey can help us step outside the roles we play in our everyday life, and encourage and solidify our intentions.
There will be opportunities during Journey Within both for connecting with others and for deep self-reflection.

10. Chef prepared nourishing meals and nutritional education for long-term health and well-being

Having meals prepared for you is a nurturing experience in itself — knowing these meals have been carefully designed and prepared by a naturopath-nutritionist and chef team to ensure they are balanced and delicious is another level of nurturing.

Not only will you feel cared for and nourished during Journey Within, but you’ll also learn valuable, evidence-based nutritional insights that you can carry with you well beyond the retreat.

a spotlight on your special guest facilitator

Dr Michelle Woolhouse

Dr. Michelle Woolhouse is an Integrative Doctor with over 23 years of experience specialising in holistic wisdom, mental health, mind-body medicine, and the neuroscience of healing. She is an ambassador for Blackmores and has recently released a podcast episode on burnout and the difference between anxiety and stress.

Dr Michelle will be leading a Wellness Masterclass during the retreat on ‘Navigating the language of the body – how to lower anxiety and prevent and support burn-out’.

“To journey within is probably one of the most fascinating and efficient ways to build effective wellness strategies and a deeper understanding of your health,” she says. “It doesn’t end with the retreat, but extends into your daily life.

In this session you will learn the importance of working with your system rather than against it, including:

  • How holism and flexibility are the cornerstones of health.
  • The science of the mind-body connection.
  • Key scientifically validated techniques to help you regain balance.
  • How to establish a strong connection with yourself.
  • How to enhance not only your mental and physical health but the quality of your life as well.

Michelle is an expert in anxiety, burn-out management, emotional transformation techniques, and mental health support alongside physical disease. She holds post-graduate qualifications in various fields and fellowships with prestigious medical institutions. Michelle is also the host of the Fx Medicine Podcast, Co-founder of Enliven Retreats, and Medical Director of Vively. Her book, The Wonder Within, is available now.

Visit our Journey Within event to learn more about each of your Journey Within retreat facilitators.

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