February 1, 2023

What makes us a contender for best day spa on the Mornington Peninsula

Written by Amelia

Peninsula Hot Springs is inspired by a vision to not only share the healing culture and rituals of bathing but also to strive towards being recognised as the best day spa on the Mornington Peninsula. Our dedication to this goal is evident in our exquisite day spa, where the luxury of pampering is harmoniously blended with geothermal pools nestled in nature's embrace. This commitment has consistently placed us in the spotlight at the World Luxury Spa Awards, highlighting our journey towards excellence in the spa world.

The magic of hot springs on the Mornington Peninsula

Bathing in hot springs on the Mornington Peninsula has a special kind of charm. Our geothermal pools come from a true hot spring source — meaning they are naturally heated by water that comes from deep underground — and they are surrounded by thousands of native and indigenous plants.

Our unique approach to becoming the best day spa on the Mornington Peninsula

Since we opened two decades ago, we have strived to be the best day spa on the Mornington Peninsula — and garnered plenty of awards in recognition of our accomplishments. In 2023 we were awarded Global Winner in the Luxury Thermal Hotel Spa and Luxury Hot Springs categories as well as Luxury Thermal Spa – Continental Winner for Australia & Oceania at the World Luxury Spa Awards.

Our approach is to combine unique spa treatments with hot springs bathing, nourishing food, time spent in nature and a variety of wellness practices for a well-rounded, holistic wellbeing experience. Spa treatments unfold in our Spa Dreaming Centre — an adults-only day spa that features beautifully appointed treatment rooms with views of greenery, a tranquil bathing area and an open-air restaurant serving S.L.O.W. (seasonal, local, organic, whole) produce.

Enjoying day spa treatments at Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

Our Spa Dreaming Centre offers a wide range of day spa treatments, from relaxation massages and results-driven facials to invigorating salt scrubs and mud wraps.

When it comes to the best place to bathe when visiting for spa treatments, the Spa Dreaming Centre and Bath House both have plenty to offer — which is why all day spa treatments include hot springs bathing in both areas. This means access to a multitude of geothermal springs, cold plunge pools, saunas, steam rooms, massaging showers and many other globally-inspired bathing experiences.

Explore our massage and spa packages to learn more about the various spa treatment options we have available at our Mornington Peninsula hot springs destination.

Finding a day spa with a hot spring near Melbourne

Melbourne has an abundance of fantastic attractions — from incredible restaurants and cafes to art galleries and cultural festivals.

And, when you need some time out from the hustle and bustle, the good news is you can find a day spa with a hot spring near Melbourne. Peninsula Hot Springs is located 90 minutes from the city centre by car.

Next time you visit Melbourne or simply want to swap urban busyness for a bit of peace and pampering, plan a visit to Peninsula Hot Springs. If looking for spa retreats in Victoria, our wellness oasis might be just what the doctor ordered.

Take relaxation to the next level with Peninsula Hot Springs accommodation

The only thing better than spending the day bathing and receiving spa treatments with us is spending the night with us afterwards. Peninsula Hot Springs accommodation includes luxury Glamping tents, which feature king-size beds, day beds, heated floors, reverse-cycle heating and cooling, ensuites and plenty of other details to ensure you can rest and relax in ultimate comfort.

Glamping bookings include bathing in both areas, a delicious breakfast and your choice of a wellness activity. To elevate your experience, add a day spa treatment.

This recipe for rejuvenation might just make us the best day spa the Mornington Peninsula has to offer.

Mornington: spa and wellness destination

The Mornington Peninsula is increasingly becoming known as a destination for all things spa and wellness. From bushwalks and wellness studios to healthy cafes and day spa options, Mornington and surrounds offer an abundance of ways to prioritise wellbeing.

From our day spa treatments to our phenomenal hot spring pools and accommodation, visiting Peninsula Hot Springs is truly a unique experience. It’s the bringing together of these various elements that allows our guests to walk away feeling deeply restored.

Frequently asked questions

Do spa treatments include bathing?

All spa treatment bookings include geothermal bathing in both areas (Spa Dreaming Centre and Bath House). We believe pairing bathing with treatments creates an elevated wellness experience.

Is it best to bathe before or after a spa treatment?

Generally we suggest bathing beforehand so guests are suitably relaxed and their muscles are softened prior to their treatment. Bathing before a spa treatment also means you can leave any massage oils or facial products on your skin following your treatment.

How should I dress when bathing at a hot spring in Victoria?

Our facility offers a range of hot, cold and warm experiences, and visiting with us is suitable regardless of the weather. We always suggest bringing comfortable clothes to wear before and after your bathe, as well as swimwear, non-slip footwear (such as flip-flops) and a reusable drink bottle. You’re welcome to bring towels and bathrobes from home if you like; otherwise you can hire these from reception.

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