March 19, 2019

boost your immune system at home

Written by Emily

here are some ideas we’d like to share with our community to help you boost your immunity as well as your mental and physical health at home.

we’ve based these off activities supported by global research that you can experience at peninsula hot springs

drinking tea

As well as tasting delicious, tea contains health promoting substances which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Consider adding a cup or two of caffeine-free tea to your daily routine.

essential oil bath

Aromatherapy oils infused into water are not only fragrant, they also help to promote detoxification and decrease stress and anxiety. We recommend creating your own private sanctuary at home with a tranquil, hot aromatherapy bath.

immersion in nature

Find nature in your corner of the world and take advantage of the uplifting qualities fresh air and plant life offer. Phytoncides, a chemical released by plants can boost the immune system.


Take a moment to soak up the rays – in your backyard, on your balcony… As well as boosting your mood, vitamin D helps support the immune system by producing antibodies that can fight illness.


Some gentle, balancing ways to stay active at home include yoga and Pilates, the stairs or furniture in your little oasis could be incorporated into a home fitness routine, or you could dance all day to your favourite songs. Movement stimulates the lymphatic system to oust toxins from the body and it lowers stress levels too.


The most critical immune building processes happen in our sleep. To promote the best quality sleep, consider focusing on ways you can wind down before bedtime such as avoiding caffeine and heavy evening meals and practising breathing exercises or stretching. Try increasing natural light exposure during the day and reducing blue light exposure in the evening, or consider using natural supplements such as magnesium or lavender.

cold therapy

Embrace cold therapy and invigorate your senses by exposing your body to a cold shower. Cold therapy improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation and pain. Take it a step further with contrast therapy: the movement between hot and cold temperatures delivers added benefits of increased energy production and homeostasis.


Balance out the frequencies of the body and reduce the stress hormones that can suppress the immune system through the vibration of music. Create a playlist of your favourite artists and mood boosting songs to play at home.


Did you know, when you laugh the number of immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies that improve your resistance to disease increases? If laughter is the best medicine, now is the time to share jokes and funny stories with friends and family, or sit back and enjoy your favourite humorous films.

healthy eating

The importance of good nutrition cannot be underestimated. the foods we eat regulate our immune system and can efficiently reduce the risk of infection. Explore recipes and rediscover the joys of cooking at home to incorporate more fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin C into your diet. Your body will love you for it.


Tune into mindfulness meditation at home. You don’t need any special equipment to create the space to think and breathe. Meditation has been proven to improve immune and cognitive function, help cultivate healthy sleep patterns and reduce blood pressure. Beginners may benefit from downloading apps such as Smiling Mind or Insight Timer to guide them through the process.


Water helps to flush toxins, waste and bacteria from the body to fight disease and infection as well as strengthen the immune system. Unfortunately, by the time we feel thirsty our body is already dehydrated so set yourself little reminders to enhance your wellbeing and regularly pour yourself a glass of pure H2O.

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At Peninsula Hot Springs we are passionate about our water. Long associated with encouraging physical and emotional wellbeing, water is a life force.

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