May 11, 2021

workplace wellness

Written by Sophie

The ‘Weekday Recharge’ campaign launched this week, aiming to inspire our visitors to embrace the flexibility that working remotely allows, by bringing the home or work office into nature.

Inspiring our guests to ‘work, bathe, zoom, repeat’ and to ‘work from here’, the campaign aims to show people how to embrace their workplace flexibility and schedule in a day at Peninsula Hot Springs.

Offering a tranquil workspace and a chance to take time out of the day, the campaign champions workplace wellness and balance in a busy and connected world.

With more than 50 global bathing experiences for guests to enjoy across the Bath House, including relaxation domes and cabanas, the hot springs offers a broad selection of workspaces to zoom from, collaborate, regroup and workshop with others – inspiring creativity.

To elevate the experience further, our guests can enjoy a plethora of wellness activities, as well as spa and sauna experiences. With endless ways to relax and unwind, in between meetings and emails, the working week has never looked so good.

We are now open 24 hours, seven days a week, inviting those who work outside the 9-5 to take a moment to themselves in between shifts, and the chance to relax and unwind at any time of the night or day.

For those wanting to spend more time embracing relaxation and peace, bring the home office with you and stay longer, yet connected, while you revitalise.

Our marketing campaign will include digital and podcast advertising, YouTube pre-roll videos as well as digital billboards across Melbourne, connecting with those commuting in traffic. We hope it inspires you to champion your workplace wellness at the springs.

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