July 14, 2021

Embrace winter, create your hygge experience at the hot springs

Written by Sophie

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Nordic term for achieving the ultimate level of cosiness. Living so close to the Arctic circle, the Danish and Norwegians have long been embracing winter and actively create the feeling of cosiness to warm up a long winter. The feeling you get when you enter a warm house, or stand with your back to an open fire, or warm your hands on a bowl of homemade soup, hygge can be found in lots of places – especially in geothermal water.

According to Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, hygge is hard to define, but easy to feel. It’s a feeling of wellness and contentment in mind, body, and soul, often referred to as from “cosiness for the soul” to “the absence of annoyance”, it is comforting sounds, smells & tastes. We think it’s pretty similar to the feeling you get when you visit Peninsula Hot Springs. It doesn’t get any more hygge than taking a good, long soak in the natural geothermal pools at Peninsula Hot Springs.

create a hygge experience

the warmth of hygge

Relax and sink into our natural geothermal mineral waters that flow from 637 metres below ground into our pools. High in mineral content, our water is naturally heated by the earth’s core and contains magnesium, boron, potassium and sodium. Experience the healing benefits of these minerals including stress and blood pressure reduction, detoxification, rehabilitation of muscles and joints and sleep improvement. Drawing on the wisdom of many cultures, water has long been harnessed to encourage physical and emotional wellbeing, so relax in our geothermal pools and let the 38 degree* geothermal waters work their magic. *Note 38 degrees is the average pool temperature.

create a hygge experience

the taste of hygge

An equally important element of achieving the ultimate level of cosiness is eating and drinking. Enjoy a dining experience like no other to nourish your appetite and replenish your body. Relax in your cosy robe and take some time to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or a grazing board. We source seasonal vegetables and herbs from our very own food bowl, adding the ingredients to the delicious dishes created by our in house chefs for you to enjoy. Relish in the warmth of a hot soup, sip on a hot chocolate or indulge in our new seasonal yellow curry.

create a hygge dining experience

the sound of hygge

Listen to the sounds of a crackling fire while bathing in our amphitheatre pool, soak in the sounds of nature all around you. Watch a free performance from a line-up of local musicians while indulging in a delicious cheese board or gourmet pizza, and then bathe under a night sky - the perfect way to create hygge on a Sunday in our Bath House. To some hygge will be listening to the happy sounds of children playing in the family pool. To others it will be enjoying the gentle spa music that helps create a stress-free vibe in the Spa Dreaming Centre.

create a hygge experience

the sights of hygge

Whether it is watching the sunrise in our iconic hilltop pool or the pastel hues of a Winter sunset, hygge is very much about beautiful light. At sunset, wander around the lake to our hydrojet pool, where you can gaze out at trees decorated with fairy lights as hydrojets massage your back and the sound of Banjo frogs fills the air. As the night draws in, stargaze under an expansive sky from the warm pools. Without the light pollution of the city, the night sky shines extra brightly.

At Peninsula Hot Springs, we know how to hygge.

create a hygge experience

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