June 8, 2023

Everything you need to know about Private Bathing at the Springs

Written by Grace

Centre your soul and connect with your true self in our private bathing pavilions and outdoor pools. Secluded and serene, our blissful bathing retreats help restore your mind, body and soul.

In this article, we take a moment to explore our private bathing offering, unearthing the answers to your queries about this refined experience.

Here are ten frequently asked questions about why you should choose a private bathing experience for your next visit to Peninsula Hot Springs.

What are the benefits of private bathing experiences?

Private bathing experiences offer a range of benefits, including personalised service, a sense of exclusivity, and privacy. You get to choose the temperature of the water, and you can relax in a tranquil environment that is away from the crowds.

Are the private baths cleaned after each use?

Yes, each private bath is cleaned and sanitised after each use, ensuring that guests enjoy a clean and hygienic experience.

Can I book a private bath for more than one person?

Yes, you can book private baths for more than one person. Peninsula Hot Springs offers private baths for couples, groups of friends, and families. For more information click here.

What types of private bathing experiences are available?

Our private bathing options allow you to choose from a private outdoor bath or private bathing pavilions. As the private baths are located in our Spa Dreaming Centre, they are only available to guests 16 years of age and older.

Can I add on spa treatments to my private bathing experience?

Yes, enjoy a range of spa treatment options that can be added on to your private bathing experience. The spa treatments include massages, facials, and body treatments.For more information click here.

Are there food and beverage options available with private bathing experiences?

Yes, you can add on food and beverage options to your private bathing experience. The options include fresh juices, fruit and cheese platters, and sparkling wine.

Do I have access to the other bathing areas?

Included in any private bathing package is access to both the Spa Dreaming Centre and Bath House bathing.

Do I wear swimwear in the private baths?

We advise that all guests wear swimwear while in the private baths, just as you would in the Bath House and Spa Dreaming Centre social bathing areas.

What is the minimum age requirement for private bathing experiences?

The minimum age requirement for private bathing experiences is 16 years.

Can I bring my own towels and robes?

Yes, you can bring your towels and robes. However, towels and robes are provided for guests who do not bring their own. Guests will also have access to a locker to store their belongings should be required.

Is it necessary to book private baths in advance?

Yes, it is recommended that you book private baths in advance as they are in high demand. You can book private baths online or by phone. Book here.

Private bathing experiences at Peninsula Hot Springs offer a range of benefits that include personalised service, privacy, and exclusivity.

There are several private bathing experiences available, including three private indoor baths accommodating a maximum of two guests and one outdoor pool accommodating a maximum of five guests.

Adding on spa treatments, food, and beverage options enhances the overall experience for a memorable visit spent with your special someone.

Click here to book your Private Bathing experience.

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