May 27, 2022

find your warmth with this mornington peninsula winter itinerary

Written by Amelia

The time of year has come where we need to pull on our woolens, embrace the season and settle in for the cooler days ahead. As we experience the brisk decline in the outside temperature and adjust to shorter days, our need for solace in cosiness and our search for wonderful warming comforts has never been greater.

Whatever your wellness schedule brings, we encourage you to sign-off, check in and escape to the springs this winter. Find your inner warmth alone or joined by family and friends with a soothing soak in our geothermal waters and feel the benefits that come with pressing pause.

Read on for inspiration to plan your ideal winter itinerary and note the top things to do in Mornington Peninsula during winter.

find your inner warmth

It doesn't get much better than the feeling of a cosy blanket by the crackling fire, hot cup of soup in hand and your favourite record playing in the background. We know how hard it can be to find motivation as the cooler days begin to roll in, yet winter is the most important time to check in and incorporate daily wellness practices to protect mind and body. Harness your wellbeing this season with a solo escape to the springs and discover the experiences on offer, each designed for you to find your inner warmth.

tea ceremony

Find your centre with our tea ceremony using Tulsi, created to transform your tea break into a meditative self-care ritual. Tulsi is a herb revered by Ayurveda that has long been used to promote health throughout the body and support a positive response to stress, natural detoxification, endurance building and restoring balance. Combine this guided workshop with geothermal bathing and immerse yourself in an experience that will leave you feeling warm and toasty from the inside out.

Our Tulsi Tea workshop is available to add for $15 to your Bath House bathing booking and will run every Friday in winter.

create your Mornington Peninsula winter itinerary

find your warmth together

Rediscover the comforts of relaxing together and treat yourselves this season with unique experiences, perfect for two. Set some time aside and join us in the blissful sanctuary that is our adults only Spa Dreaming Centre. Let go and reset as you wander through this tranquil space, whilst surrounded by the calm of nature blossoming with winter botanicals. Warm up with time spent in our infrared sauna, surrender to a steaming soak in our Scandanavian inspired barrel pools or reduce winter muscle fatigue in our Zen Chi Massage.

private sanctuary and bathe

Looking for a private place to retreat as your list of things to do in the mornington peninsula in winter grows? Our indoor bathing pavilions are the perfect sanctuary for two to unwind, slow down and surrender to stillness, as the outside world continues to stir. Centre your soul with a 45 minute, temperature controlled private bath, enhanced with your choice of additive; Tulsi Tea, Lavender Milk or Essential Oils made from natural Australian botanicals. Enjoy all of site geothermal bathing and relax knowing robe, towel and locker are included.

create your Mornington Peninsula winter itinerary

find your warmth in company

As we turn our efforts to maintaining our health and wellbeing this season, it is important for us to check in to our social being and ensure we are maintaining connection with those dearest to us. For centuries, bath houses have played an important role in promoting togetherness and connectivity to oneself, to friends and family and to nature. So, before you find yourself nestled under a cosy blanket, grab your robe and gather your group for a warming, immunity boosting soak at the springs.

turkish hamam steam room

As you step away from the baths, go on a cultural jouney and discover our Turkish Hamam steam room, located in our Bath House and available to enjoy with all bookings. Built into the side of a hill, our steam room provides long-established benefits of assisting with detoxification and opening pores in readiness for traditional cleansing. The influence behind this unique experience has been drawn from combining the best of global hot springs traditions with the natural environment of the region, positioning our Turkish Hamam as an experience not to be missed and to be enjoyed by all this season. It tops any list of things to do in Mornington Peninsula in winter.

create your Mornington Peninsula winter itinerary

warm up with our winter menu and seasonal offerings

As the chill of winter approaches, so too does the enjoyment of recharging and replenishing our bodies with nourishing, seasonal foods, designed to leave you feeling restored. Our winter menu has been created with the intention of highlighting the best of this season's produce, whilst delivering wholesome and delicious food prepared under the practice of the SLOW food philosophy (seasonal, local, organic, wholefoods). Expect to find immune boosting heirloom beets, antioxidant rich spiced cauliflower and an abundance of greens to keep you happy and healthy this winter.

discover our winter menu

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