March 30, 2023

hot springs happenings | pagosa springs, colorado, usa

Written by Amelia

peninsula hot springs co-founder and creative director, charles davidson, recently visited the town of pagosa springs, located in the heart of the san juan mountains southwest of colorado, usa.

The 2.5 million acres of San Juan National Forest surrounding Pagosa Springs is bathed in sunshine for most parts of the year with highs of 26 degrees and lows of 4 degrees, positioning the town as the perfect place for outdoor adventure seekers. Expect to find the best of nature’s offering with mountainous terrain, lush bushland valleys, spectacular waterfalls, and unique trails for all levels of skill and fitness.

Pagosa Springs - the name ‘Pagosah’ comes from the Ute word meaning 'healing waters' – was founded by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and is home to the world's deepest known geothermal spring, the Mother Spring.

At a depth of 305 metres, the Mother Spring flows at a temperature of roughly 62 degrees and produces just under 19 million litres of water per day. According to legend, the waters from the Mother Spring are said to produce the most powerful medicinal effects and healing benefits than any geothermal water previously discovered and believed to have therapeutic benefits for various conditions. She is a natural wonder of our world that has attracted visitors for centuries.

Today, the Mother Spring ascends and feeds into the baths of three Pagosa Springs geothermal hot springs facilities; The Springs Resort & Spa, Healing Waters Resort and Overlook Spa. Each destination offers pools ranging from 28℃ to 42℃ and has been carefully created in respect to legend, culture and history, celebrating the practice of geothermal bathing through the inclusion of various wellness and healing experiences.

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