January 29, 2024

introducing massage workshops

Written by Amelia

over the past two decades we have established not only an award-winning day spa, but an oasis of wellbeing.

Now, as part of our ‘Education’ offering, we’ve created a series of six Massage Workshops to share some of our wellness insights with the community.

Starting in February we’ll be hosting interactive, enriching explorations of massage techniques and ancient wellbeing practices in our Wellness Centre. These workshops will unfold one Saturday afternoon per month until the middle of winter.

From muscle release and reflexology to head and facial massage, these sumptuous sessions allow you to immerse yourself in a world of wellness while learning new skills.

The workshops are designed to be booked in pairs, so you can connect with a friend, partner or family member as you cultivate the art of massage.

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what to expect

Beginning in the late afternoon, you will be guided through the focus of the session from an expert facilitator. Then, as the sun begins to drop, graze on a selection of cheeses, dips, olives, pita bread, quince paste and lavosh crackers before submerging yourself in our geothermal pools with twilight bathing.

You’ll be able to take your skills beyond the workshop and be empowered to practise on yourself or your loved ones at home, or even enhance your professional offering.

Each workshop has a unique theme, and the six workshops are grouped in twos with similar topics: “Massage for reduced stress and better sleep”, “Facial renewal workshops” and “Ayurvedic workshops”. Those wanting to deepen their knowledge in a particular area might like to book both workshops on that topic.

This activity is beautifully suited to couples, friends or relatives looking to reconnect in a relaxed environment, and can be booked by private groups for hens events, team-building afternoons or special occasions such as Mother’s Day.

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the workshops

Massage for reduced stress and better sleep

February 10, 2024 Muscle Ease Massage

Learn the transformative power of soothing, softening and releasing muscular tension with this session that focuses on massaging the upper back and scalp.

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March 9, 2024 Introduction to Reflexology

Delve into the ancient art of reflexology and learn about massaging seven different pressure points in the hands and feet with benefits ranging from stress relief and improved digestion to sinus clearing.

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Facial Renewal workshops

April 6, 2024 *Pressure Point Facial Massage *

Discover Eastern Face Reading and facial mapping with this exploration of the ways in which different areas of our facial landscape convey our inner health. You will also receive personalised lifestyle and product recommendations.

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May 11, 2024 Facial Rejuvenation Massage

Experience a natural face lift with massage techniques designed to improve your facial tone, increase circulation and bring forth your inner radiance.

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Ayurvedic workshops

June 1, 2024 Indian Head Massage

Welcome the beginning of winter by immersing yourself in the Ayurvedic practice of scalp massage, and learn marma points to harmonise energy and promote overall wellbeing. You will also discover more about nurturing your unique constitution (dosha).

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July 6, 2024 Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Explore the health benefits and Ayurvedic principles behind lymphatic drainage massage, and be empowered to practise body brushing and lotion application using ancient techniques at home as part of your daily ritual.

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