August 22, 2022

it's time to spoil him at the springs

Written by Amelia

With the energetic pace of life and the electricity that surrounds us daily, it can be easy to forget to slow down and appreciate a moment of quiet relaxation. As we approach a day to celebrate father's or other special people in our lives, its time to check in, to ensure we are adopting practices to support optimal health.

Across the world, and throughout decades, water therapies have contributed to creating holistic wellness experiences that provide lasting benefits. Regular geothermal bathing has the ability to provide not only obvious and immediate physical benefits but can also for some, provide mental clarity and ease stress related symptoms which can lead to long term strain on both mind and body.

gift him time to relax

As we move into the second half of the year, now is the time to slow down and embrace for the change of season and the exciting celebrations to come. A gift to the springs is the perfect addition to his wellness schedule, allowing him time to find relaxtion and reconnect with the world, amongst the chaos that life can occasionally bring. Whether it be for him alone, with his favourite plus one or with the whole family, gift him a gift he'll love this Father's Day and follow warmth of the springs to feel the benefits that come with pressing pause.

gift him relaxation this father's day

gift him wellness

Whatever wellness looks like to him, bathing combined with one of our signature wellness activities is a sure way to start or continue his journey to holistic wellness. Our Fire and Ice workshop is backed by science and explores the deeper benefits of cryotherapy. Go on a global bathing journey and watch as he flows between our state of the art saunas before taking the plunge into our 4 degree pool, where the challenge of how long he can take the cold awaits. Feel refreshed, recharged and restored with this 45 minute guided workshop.

Cold not his thing? Reconnect and find your inner creative as together you discover the benefits of Australian clay in our Body Clay Ritual. Embody wellness as you hear stories about the empowering effects clay can bring both physically and mentally when combined with geothermal bathing.

gift him wellness this father's day

benefits of hot springs bathing


Balneology is the scientific study of the therapeutic benefits of naturally occurring mineral waters. Balneotherapists affirm that trace minerals in hot springs and the stimulating benefits of highly mineralised waters combine to stimulate and promote health and wellness.


Australian therapists are increasingly turning to mineral water spas combined with massage for work related illnesses such as stress, back-related injuries and tenosynovitis. Rehabilitation for operations, accidents and treatment for rheumatism, arthritis, gout, and heart disease have also benefited from hot springs bathing regimes.


Thermal therapy research by European doctors has demonstrated that hydrostatic pressure in the body is increased when bathing in thermal hot springs. Bathing invigorates blood circulation and cell oxygenation, stimulating the body and enhancing its capacity to detoxify and improving digestion. Committing regularly to bathing can normalise the endocrine glands and invigorate the autonomic nervous system.

Preventative treatment

Throughout Europe and Japan, balneology and hot springs therapy has been incorporated within routine medical care treatments, and we are gradually applying this holistic approach to Australian treatments. Licensed doctors have come to recognise the value of prescribing bathing in mineral waters as part of a preventative approach to illness.

Benefits through history

Hot springs soaking has a well established place in indigenous traditions, with indigenous tribes considering hot springs across the continent to be 'power spots' in nature. Native cultures have universally utilised mineral waters for healing, purification ceremonies, sacred gatherings and tribal meetings.

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