December 6, 2023

morning versus nighttime bathing

Written by Amelia

if you’re thinking of visiting Peninsula Hot Springs, you might be wondering whether the morning or the evening is the best time to bathe.

Morning and night bathing are both magical and memorable experiences, and each boast distinct benefits - aside from being generally quieter than the middle of the day. This is why we have (re)introduced Earlybird and Twilight bathing as part of our Revitalise bathing offering. Simply arrive before 9am or after 6pm, and experience the benefits of bathing when practiced at the start or end of your day.

Allow us to guide you through what we love about bathing at these special times.

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morning bathing: a warming start to the day

There’s nothing quite like arriving at the springs in the quietness of the early morning and slipping into a steaming hot geothermal pool. For many people, a morning bathe is their favourite way to start the day - and made all the more easy with our Revitalise Earlybird offering.

Whether you’re bathing before work or it’s how you choose to begin your day off, a morning visit can be as relaxing or invigorating as you choose.

Our favourite parts of morning bathing include:

Wandering up to the Hilltop Pool, which provides 360-degree views of the Mornington Peninsula — from Port Phillip Bay to Bass Strait. From this unique (and very cosy) vantage point, you can drink in the stunning view of the sun rising over the ocean.

Fuelling for the day at our Bath House cafe. This open-air eatery serves hot coffee and a light breakfast from 7am each morning, so you can enjoy some nourishment between bathing experiences. The breakfast menu runs until 11am and includes almond milk chia pods with fresh berries and granola, bagels, gourmet breakfast pizza and more.

Jump-starting our day with saunas, steam rooms and cold pools. These experiences offer a great way to get your circulation pumping. You might even like to book in for our Fire and Ice workshop, which runs daily at 9.30am, 10.30am, 12pm and 2pm.

Our complimentary hot spring yoga class, a 20-minute practice of gently stretching in the warm water, takes place in the Amphitheatre pools at 9.15am every morning. You can also book in for a 45-minute mat yoga class, which is taught by an experienced instructor in our Wellness and Activity Centre at 7.30am every morning.

Engaging in the morning’s sensory delights — including the cool, misty air, gentle sunshine and singing birds. Bathing in the morning offers a moment to pause and practise mindfulness before the day is in full swing.

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nighttime bathing: a magical way to unwind

If you’ve yet to experience the specific magic of bathing under the stars, you’re in for a treat. Our Revitalise Twilight bathing allows you to immerse yourself in a geothermal mineral pool while blanketed by the night sky, creating a truly special experience, and the perfect way to release bodily tension and quiet the mind at the end of the day.

At night time, our Bath House becomes a wonderland as ambient lamps and fairy lights cast a gentle glow over the pools. Pobblebonk frogs and quietly buzzing insects create a calming soundscape.

Here are some of the best things about night bathing:

Watching the sun go down from the Hilltop Pool. Just as our Hilltop Pool offers sunrise views, its sweeping vista also allows for sunset viewing.

The night sky. Bathing at night is one thing; doing so in the open air where you can appreciate the moon and the stars is another joy entirely.

De-stressing after a long day. For those working physically intense jobs, sedentary office roles or running around after the kids, our Bath House offers a range of bathing experiences designed to remedy your ailments. Geothermal bathing has been found to help reduce stress, improve sleep quality and alleviate back pain, among many other benefits.

Reaping the health benefits of saunas. Saunas help improve circulation, detoxification and cardiovascular performance. We have three saunas and one steam room (hamam) in the Bath House.

It makes a beautiful night time ritual. Bathing at the end of the day marks the end of one day so we can begin anew the next. Plus, it creates a night time routine that is characterised by mindfulness and immersion in nature in a world where we are so often staring at screens.

Indulging at the Bath House cafe. Our Bath House cafe is open until 10pm and can make your experience even more delightful with healthy snacks, hot drinks, dinner and dessert. The all-day dining menu includes rice paper rolls, grazing platters, soup, frittata, falafel bowls, gourmet pizza and raw treats, among many other options.

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moonlit bathing: a unique adventure

For those looking for an even more unique bathing experience, we also offer Moonlit Bathing. Available after 10pm each Friday and Saturday, this experience suits night owls, those arriving from different time zones, or anyone seeking a bit of after-dark adventure.

Moonlit Bathing, which is held in our tranquil Spa Dreaming Centre bathing area, even boasts its own supper menu, featuring local artisan platters, gourmet pizzas, salads and sweets. This is also generally the quietest time to visit us.

Whatever time of day you choose to visit, we look forward to welcoming you to enjoy all that our unique wellness oasis has to offer — from 70-plus bathing experiences to our on-site eateries and beautiful natural surroundings.

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Whether you choose to visit the Bath House, Spa Dreaming Centre or both - you will leave feeling the benefits of geothermal bathing.

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