June 28, 2021

artist residence program: season one

Written by Emily

new music inspired by nature

Peninsula Hot Springs has launched their first Artist In Residence Program, created to support local original musical creators from the Mornington Peninsula and the greater Melbourne area.

We are delighted to be hosting seven leading Victorian contemporary music artists from a range of genres and cultural backgrounds to participate in a series of seven-day immersive experiences in our unique creative environment. Peninsula Hot Springs’ Artist In Residence Programs welcomed the first artist at the end of June 2021 and will now run through until March 2022.

The program will provide a unique wellbeing experience to facilitate creative expression for artists transitioning out of the trials and challenges of COVID19 in Victoria. Through a process of mindful relaxation and hot springs bathing, Peninsula Hot Springs is set in nature, providing the perfect environment for healing and creative synthesis. Whilst exploring the natural environment, artists are encouraged to create a new body of work from our Dome studio space. Artists’ new works will include a short 5-minute video illuminating their creative process and the impact of the space available during their experience.

Charles Jenkins

Our first Artist in Residence will be well respected and leading Melbourne singer songwriter Charles Jenkins (28 June – 4 July). Charles Jenkins is a Melbourne songwriter/musician, producer and performer with more than 30 years’ experience in the Australian Music Industry. Charles has recorded and released 17 albums both locally and internationally, toured Europe and the USA several times and has been nominated for two ARIA awards.

A friend of the springs for some time, in March 2020, on the eve of our first lockdown, Charles performed a stripped back version of a brand new song at Peninsula Hot Springs in our Amphitheatre studio/dome, as part of a weekend festival. See the short interview and intimate performance of his fittingly titled song “To Carry This Town”.

Global Days of Unity | "Behind the Song" | Charles Jenkins

We are thrilled to have Charles Jenkins back in our house, as he’s a fitting first artist to kick off our first Artist in Residence.

Kutcha Edwards

Introducing our second performer, Kutcha Edwards. Kutcha has been prolifically combining songwriting and activism since 1991, when he joined Koori group Watbalimba and began the remarkable journey that has taken him from the tiny Riverina town of Balranald to tours of Australia and the world. It is his experiences as a survivor of the Stolen Generations and his proud Mutti Mutti heritage that has shaped his diverse creative output in groups like Blackfire and The Black Arm Band. At the same time he’s also been able to forge a successful solo career combining his ‘Bidgee’ blues with traditional songs of people and country.

Kutcha uses music to create connections across cultures, generations, and spaces. With an innate ability to communicate, he uses his unique, diverse talents to nurture understanding and self-knowledge amongst all those with whom he has contact. Kutcha is a Songman, not simply a songwriter. He draws on a profound sense of all those who have gone before him on this land, along with his own life experiences, to help his audiences understand themselves, reconnect with their culture and promote cultural understanding. His music touches the soul and through his humour and insights we realise that with recognition of the true Aboriginal history, there can be hope of reconciliation.

Kutcha Edwards was also a key contributor to the Peninsula Hot Springs foundational collaborative album “Water – An Australian Story” (2003), and so it is with great pleasure that we welcome him back to be our second Artist In Residence from August 4-8.

Ben Opie

Introducing our next performer, Ben Opie.Ben is an artist whose talents have allowed him to explore many facets of the music industry. Appearing in leading ensembles and orchestras as well as exploring music of many different genres: jazz, world, folk and of course chamber music and as a solo instrumentalist.

Ben has collaborated with many different artists, including visual artists, poets, video installation, dancers, sound and radio documentary producers. He has also been involved in working with First Nations artists in remote communities, collaborating with them musically through workshops and performances. His passion for music includes creating programs of music for people who otherwise don’t have access to it, using music to connect and inspire. He will be playing a Showcase Performance of his new works on the Amphitheatre Stage on Saturday October 6 from 3.30-4.30pm (complimentary with Bath House bathing)


Peninsula Hot Springs is delighted to be hosting leading Victorian contemporary world music artists Përolas to participate in the next seven-day Artist In Residence Program staying and creating with us from Nov 29 – Dec 5. In their time with us, Përolas will be exploring how their music crosses over with the natural environs and hope to begin to create a new body of work from our Dome studio space.

Përolas brings the harp into the contemporary realm, coupling this sonorous instrument with analogue effects and a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments. From up-tempo beats to otherworldly soundscapes, Përolas brings a fusion of cultures to original compositions and musical arrangements, which earnt the band the award for ‘Best Intercultural Act’ at the 2019 Music Victoria Awards. Liana Perillo’s inventive harp and soothing voice, combined with Fabian Aravalés’ multi-instrumentalist talents, together forms an all-encompassing sensory musical experience. Përolas will perform a Facebook live streamed showcase set from our Amphitheatre stage (Friday 3rd 8-9pm) and a soundbath meditation from our new sensory dome (Wednesday 1st 12-12.45pm)

sam anning

Sam Anning is one of New York’s premier bassists. He is in high demand as an accompanist and is best known for his work with Cyrille Aimee, Florian Hoefner, Timo Vollbrecht, and Kenny Werner. After graduating from WAAPA completing a Bachelor of Jazz (Performance), Sam went on to study and perform in New York City, the U.K., and Europe, where he also developed and broadened his compositional and performance style.

charm of finches

Our 6th Artist In Residence are sister duo Charm of Finches from Melbourne, Australia, who make haunted tunes about love, grief and whispering trees; indie folk with many stringed things, awash with seamless blood harmonies traversing melancholy and wonder in equal measure.

Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes grew up busking old time tunes and singing on festival stages around Australia.

Winners of the 2021 Music Victoria Best Folk Act, their music has featured on the ABC TV series Mustangs FC. They were also nominated for the 2020 Music Victoria Best Folk Album Award.

They released their third full length album “Wonderful Oblivion” to critical acclaim in October 2021 through New York-based label AntiFragile Music. “Wonderful Oblivion is a moving work, dressing up the shared experiences of the everyday with music that tugs at the heart and stirs the imagination.” – Alasdair Belling — The Australian

Charm of Finches played a concert at the Peninsula Hot Springs Amphitheatre earlier in 2021.

Showcase series | "Behind the Song" | Charms of Finches

Listen as Charms of Finches takes us behind their song 'Concentrate on Breathing'. A blissful track inspired by Mabel's reflective journey through lockdown and her peace found through meditation. A reminder to us to take time and care of ourselves.

“The atmosphere was magical and inspiring. Surrounded by croaking frogs and the audience relaxing and listening from the hot spring baths, our show had a dreamy and uplifting quality. It was a truly unique experience. We are so looking forward to returning as Artists In Residence Feb 13-19 and spending a full week immersed in the unique and special PHS precinct. It will surely inspire a wonderful body of work reflecting connection to the wellbeing of ourselves and the earth.”

Look out for their live performance from the Amphitheatre stage on Saturday Feb 19 7-8pm.

sianna lee

Our Seventh PHS Artist in Residence is Sianna Lee, a singer, songwriter, composer and guitarist from Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula. Sianna has been playing and writing music for over 20 years. Her musical style is raw and elemental, while her songwriting explores notions of self doubt, desire and the contingent moments of life, loss and love.

She formed the successful recording and national touring band Love Outside Andromeda in the early 2000’s and is also an accomplished solo artist, releasing her debut Phoenix Propeller in 2010.

She has collaborated with numerous performers, artists and bands, including The Harlocks and Slow Motion Pictures, and also works as a freelance sound designer. Her most recent compositions are a soundtrack for the ABC documentary The Still Point (2018), and sound design for the augmented reality games Misadventure in Little Lon’ (2019) and Murder At Eastern Market (2021).

During her residency, Sianna will be returning to song form and experimenting with synths and writing and performing new material for her second upcoming solo album.

Look out for her live performance from the Amphitheatre stage on Saturday March 5. 7-8pm.

Stay tuned for further Artist announcements.

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