May 8, 2015

peninsula hot springs wins world luxury spa awards 2015

Written by Sophie

We are proud to announce that we have won the Best Mineral Spring spa in Australia and Oceania in the World Luxury Spa Awards.

We would like to thank everyone that voted for us in the World Luxury Spa Awards, we wouldn’t have been awarded with this achievement without the support and feedback for our guests.

Founder and Director Charles Davidson said the World Luxury Spa Award was “a massive achievement for all Peninsula Hot Springs staff, tremendous acknowledgment of our world-class facilities and, above all, a tribute from our guests for which we are sincerely grateful.”

In the World Luxury Spa Awards announcement Marna Lourens said “Congratulations to your entire team who have worked so hard to reach the top place amongst all other industry competitors. Your property has now set a benchmark as an industry leader with this remarkable outcome and we trust that this Award will be an inspiration to your entire team for years to come.”

Congratulations to all other entrants in the mineral spring category. We would like to especially recognise the other continent winners, The Grand Spa at Tabacon who won The Americas category and Angsana Spa Tengchon, Hot Spring Village who won the Asia category.

The full list of award winners can be viewed on the World Luxury Spa Awards website.

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