May 1, 2023

Peninsula Wellness Hub | an itinerary for the adventurer

Written by Amelia

Escape the everyday and go on a rejuvenating journey filled with relaxation, wellness, and unforgettable experiences.

Take part in a carefully crafted itinerary that combines the tranquility of Peninsula Hot Springs with the adventure of a Polperro Dolphin Swim. Prepare to unwind and embrace the very best of nature’s offering.

Day 1: Peninsula Hot Springs

Arrive at Peninsula Hot Springs and check in to your Glamping accommodation, a luxury tent within our sprawling native landscape. Complete with king size bed, ensuite bathroom, walk in robe and heating – you are all set for a restful stay in preparation for the adventure that lies ahead.

Once settled, it’s time to immerse yourself in the healing geothermal waters of our Spa Dreaming Centre and Bath House bathing areas. Discover 70 globally inspired bathing experiences as you wander through the tranquil environment and feel the healing and invigorating benefits of our springs.

Included in your Glamping package is our signature wellness activity, Fire and Ice. Head to the Amphitheatre at 4pm and be guided through a workshop alternating between hot and cold therapies, revitalising your senses and promoting overall well-being.

After an afternoon of bathing and restorative wellness, head to our Spa Dreaming Centre dining room to enjoy nourishing and wholesome food consciously prepared by our in-house chefs. Retreat to your tent and relax with a restful night of undisturbed slumber.

Day 2: From Peninsula Hot Springs to Polperro Dolphin Swims

Awaken to the gentle sounds of our natural environment before beginning your day with a movement class, designed for you to find flow, balance and connection.

After enjoying an a la carte breakfast in our Spa Dreaming Centre dining room, it’s time to check out and move on to your adventure-filled afternoon at Polperro Dolphin Swims. Feel the excitement build as you join a team of experts to guide you through an up close and personal encounter with dolphins in their natural world. Equipped with the necessary gear, dive into pristine waters and find yourself in the company of these extraordinary marine mammals. Witness their playful antics, swim alongside them, and create connection, and leave with a profound sense of appreciation.

On your way home from the region, make sure to stock up on our fresh garden produce from one the many local produce gems around the region.

Love this itinerary? Contact our team at Peninsula Wellness Hub who will assist you in building the perfect regional escape.

Follow this link to start building your itinerary or contact the team on (03) 5950 8796 or via

Peninsula Wellness Hub is located at 2201-2209 Point Nepean Rd, Rye Victoria 3941, Australia.

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