June 1, 2023

'Reawaken' for World Bathing Day 2023

Written by Amelia

on thursday 22 june, communities are encouraged and invited to come together in celebration of world bathing day – a day to honour the vitality of water, and the diverse and cultural traditions linked to bathing and cleansing rituals.

World Bathing Day is a project of collaboration between Bathe the World Foundation and the Global Wellness Institute Hot Springs Initiative, along with bathing facilities around the world, who come together to recognise the power of water and its ability to connect us with the natural world. The simple act of immersing oneself in water for the purpose of cleansing has always been part of human culture as we know it. World Bathing Day honours this ritual and allows us a chance to reflect on the role of water in cultivating community and reawaken our inherent love of nature.

‘reawaken’ to the natural world.

The theme of this years World Bathing Day is ‘Reawaken’. All around the world, bathing facilities will come together and put on their own vibrant display of events, each with a focus on water’s capacity to bring us together and to stoke our deep connection to the natural world. Time spent together in water allows us to relax, to recharge and to reawaken our deep connection to the planet that supports us.

global sound bath

A key component of World Bathing Day is the Global Sound Bath, an initiative which invites us to reconnect through our common passion for water, music, sound, rhythm and movement. Global Sound Bath creates space for music and bathing to come together and influence a profound human experience that transcend time and geography.

The Global Sound Bath to take place during this year’s World Bathing Day involves musical performances in local bathing spots. These performances will be shared on social media to allow people in various countries to virtually experience a diversity of musical offerings.

world bathing day at peninsula hot springs

Throughout the day on Thursday 22 June, we will be hosting a program of arts and culture events in celebration of World Bathing Day, complimentary with your bathing booking, combined with new and signature wellness activities to enhance your visit (additional cost).

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world bathing day program

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Sunrise Ceremony | 7:36am

Taking place at Hilltop, a global sunrise ceremony will mark the beginning of World Bathing Day and the celebrations to follow. Watch singer-songrwriter Marty WIlliams, at 7:36am - the moment the sun begins to rise over the rolling hills of the Mornington Peninsula region.

be inspired by wellness

Movement class 7:30am

Find balance as you flow between various poses modified to differing levels of skill or find strength with an expert instructor. Suitable for all levels of strength, flexibility and experience, be part of an early morning movement class to set the tone of the day.

Sauna Infusion 9:30am

Our newest winter wellness experience, Sauna Infusion. During a 45 minute workshop, be guided through heat therapy as you begin to feel the powerful benefits of sauna bathing – an ancient tradition gaining global popularity as a lifestyle practice designed to invigorate both body and mind.

Nourish Workshop 11am

Immerse yourself in a paddock-to-plate experience as you learn of the importance of eating locally sourced and seasonal produce, general nutrition and the significance of mindful eating in our everyday. In a 75-minute Peninsula Hot Springs workshop, you will be provided with the tools to help you start living an authentic and holistic wellness lifestyle.

Discovery Tour 11:45am

Go on a 30-minute guided tour with a member of our Land & Environment team, who will educate you on what inspired the development of our newest space, the Food Bowl. See what’s growing in view of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula landscape before enjoying some morning tea in the Glasshouse.

Body Clay Ritual 1pm

Discover the powerful benefits of when geothermal water and natural Australian Clay combine to form a rich paste. From a selection of four clays, be guided on their unique benefits and begin to feel the invigorating effects for yourself as you use them directly on your skin in our Clay Ridge landscape.

Tea Ceremony 3pm

This winter, we are reintroducing our Tea Ceremony, performed in our Sensory Dome. During the experience, your facilitator will mindfully prepare and pour tea for you, and you will be invited to pause, wrap your hands around your warming cup of tea and ground yourself in the present moment.

Bathing Barrel Experience Available on the hour between 10am and 5pm. Bookable soon.

Exclusive for World Bathing Day, this 45-minute experience invites you to relax in nature in a social bathing environment. Submerge in your own barrel filled with geothermal water adjustable to your perfect temperature. For guests over the age of 12.

healing activations

Breathwork with Ume Neave Spender 10:30am

Returning guest Uma Neave Spender - who most recently joined us for our Awaken Wellness Gathering - will lead a session in breathwork, designed to provide space, balance and clarity. Taking place in our Food Bowl Glasshouse, surrender to stillness in honour of yourself and World Bathing Day.

Sound Healing with Dan Byrne 2pm

Dan Byrne of Cymatic Harmony, has been a regular performer at Peninsula Hot Springs and a much loved friend and member of our community. Creating healing sonic meditations and soundscapes using the hand pan - harmonic drum - and crystal harp, Dan devotes his time to sharing the healing, therapeutic and meditative benefits that transpire from the sensory sounds produced by the unique instruments.

Dan is a local artist who aims to promote connection between sound, sense and oneself through the power of music and it’s influence on body and mind.

taking place on our amphitheatre stage

Perolas 12pm

Perolas joins us from 12pm to 1pm on the Amphitheater stage. Experience sound that brings the harp into the contemporary realm, coupling this sonorous instrument with analogue effects and a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments. From up-tempo beats to otherworldly soundscapes, Perolas brings a fusion of cultures to original compositions and musical arrangements.

Bathe in Cinema 6:30pm

Soak under the stars as we screen My Octopus Teacher, a beautiful story of self-discovery, hope and love. Screening from 6:30pm, finish your World Bathing Day with a cinema experience unique to Peninsula Hot Springs.

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get involved

All are encouraged to get involved in this year’s celebration of cultural bathing practices by sharing their favourite local water rituals — whether it’s weekly team sauna sessions, daily cold ocean swims with a community group or hot spring soaks with friends. World Bathing Day taps into our collective need to reconnect with each other and with nature, and the global bathing community invites everyone to participate through a bathing experience that resonates with them.

Get involved in this year’s event by sharing images of your favourite local bathing experiences on social media with the hashtags #worldbathingday and #reawaken.

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